September 17, 2012

Oh, I have meant to be more proactive with this blog. But, first few weeks of school have proven to be waaay more work than I originally thought. Administravia, I am your bitch!
Well, that and getting the last of my boxes unpacked. But! I have a fully functional kitchen again. That plus a new washer and dryer (yay Lowes delivery!) Means my extra time has not been in pursuit of more fun things

Speaking of, I haven’t yet had a chance to visit those cemetaries except in passing.
More’s the pity. However, I did have a chance – although it almost made me late for class! – to snap a few pics of one of the older ones. Just some passing shots with my phone camera, so eh quality.




Foggy morning.
Cool, eh?  At any rate – I hope to get in there and get some rubbings this weekend.

August 28, 2012

Whew. Long day was looong!  Lots of freshmen in my class with *no* clue how to stucture a good paper. What *are* they teaching in HS these days?
The semester is gonna be a busy one methinks.

At least the drive to campus is pretty. Back country roads all the way into town. Plus, I counted six(!) different cemetaries on the way in.  At least two of them had historical markers outside the gates.  Definitely going to have to come out with a picnic lunch and my charcoal for some rubbings.

Must remember to bring a good camera to take

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in process: Voodoo Thoughts

Sometimes I just write whatever is in my head. Tonight is just such an occurrence. Tumbling out, no editing, no going back. The raw deal, as it were. 


I am rifling through
pictures of you
wondering if things are better.
Wondering if
the hurt is tempered.


I see joy
real and faked.
Humor forced
and humor sung with outspread arms.


I see these moments
that define
the life we lived and the life
we aren’t able to share anymore.


I miss you.


There is a hole, a large one, that grows in my soul, eats into my head, grabs my hands and yanks me forward where I don’t want to be.

It rakes curlicues up in the yard as it dances unwholesome, bone-rattling dirges in concentric rings about my house. I see it from here, where I sit, near the boarded up window.

I have no power over it, no veve to carve into my soul’s porch. No bag to shake at it and make it stop.

The rum and the smokes are all gone. The last of the jokes have been told.

Time to go.
Time to go.



A Filk for You: Sixteen Hours

Notice I didn’t say it was a *good* filk. 🙂  Written this very afternoon and set to Sixteen Tons.

Because crazy.


Some folks say I’m made of muscle and skin
I say a student’s made of debt to her chin
Debt to her chin and a mind that’s a-spin
Classes that are fab and a need for a pen.

You load sixteen hours, and what do you get?
Another day smarter and deeper in debt.
Saint Thomas don’t call on me cause I can’t think,
I spent my Friday having a drink!

I was up study-in’ while the sun rose up
Then I snatched up my bag and gave a loud “Yup!”
I added sixteen hours of heavy rate class
And the advisor said, “Lookit that sass!”

You load sixteen hours, and what do you get?
Another day smarter and deeper in debt.
Saint Bosco don’t call on me cause I can’t say
I’d rather be out, watching a play!

I was drivin’ one morning, it was drizzlin’ rain
The busses and the students were all raising Cain
I was cussing and flailing and what do you know?
All that did was make me go slow.

You load sixteen hours, and what do you get?
Another day smarter and deeper in debt.
Saint Francis don’t call on me cause I can’t read
I lost my glasses when I went and sneezed.

If you see me comin’, better step to the right
My bookbag’s bulging and I may take flight
The Library stairs sure ain’t no tease
Thank goodness for a wandering breeze.

You load sixteen hours, and what do you get?
Another day smarter and deeper in debt.
Saint La Salle don’t call on me cause I ain’t around
It’s Friday afternoon and I’m outta town.