September 17, 2012

Oh, I have meant to be more proactive with this blog. But, first few weeks of school have proven to be waaay more work than I originally thought. Administravia, I am your bitch!
Well, that and getting the last of my boxes unpacked. But! I have a fully functional kitchen again. That plus a new washer and dryer (yay Lowes delivery!) Means my extra time has not been in pursuit of more fun things

Speaking of, I haven’t yet had a chance to visit those cemetaries except in passing.
More’s the pity. However, I did have a chance – although it almost made me late for class! – to snap a few pics of one of the older ones. Just some passing shots with my phone camera, so eh quality.




Foggy morning.
Cool, eh?  At any rate – I hope to get in there and get some rubbings this weekend.

August 28, 2012

Whew. Long day was looong!  Lots of freshmen in my class with *no* clue how to stucture a good paper. What *are* they teaching in HS these days?
The semester is gonna be a busy one methinks.

At least the drive to campus is pretty. Back country roads all the way into town. Plus, I counted six(!) different cemetaries on the way in.  At least two of them had historical markers outside the gates.  Definitely going to have to come out with a picnic lunch and my charcoal for some rubbings.

Must remember to bring a good camera to take

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