The Mulligan: ZomRuns

The Mulligan: ZomRuns
I am starting the 5k ZomRun training program over. I hadn’t touched it in weeks. Mostly due to my brain sometimes acting like a righteous bag of dicks, but whatevs. It doesn’t get to win.

At any rate, I might just keep track of said runs here, in ElJay land. Because they’re not really a “blog” per se. And they’re not really fiction writing.
Unless I start adding my own story to the ongoing storyline.
S1-B1: Week 1, Workout 1
34 minutes, 3 minutes cool down walk
(according to my Landice 7 treadmill) 2% grade, 1.9 miles

Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees
Tainted Love – Soft Cell
Join in the Chant – Nitzer Ebb
Plasticity – Front Line Assembly
Camel Walk – Southern Culture on the Skids
Vanished – Front Line Assembly
Girls and Boys – Blur
Raise Your Glass – Pink
Pong – Eisenfunk

You don’t understand. I’m [getting] happy.
….Well, go on and run, then.

sweaty Bon is sweaty

5 thoughts on “The Mulligan: ZomRuns

  1. Yay!! I had been getting back in the groove too with the running. Then I went to the beach with a bunch of awesome people and I haven’t gotten back to it yet since. However, that’s OK, because Flipside.

    Will get back to it after! I don’t want to do the ZomRun, but there are multiple others that tickle my fancy. I adore trail running and the obstacle races (ie Warrior Dash, Mud Run), so maybe I’ll register for one of those again after I get back up to snuff. 🙂

    Rawr — Sweaty Bon is HOT (both figuratively and literally)!

  2. I started a zombie run program too. I am so fat and out of shape, the zombies would have caught me two inches out the gate. But i’ll get there. We’ll all get there, yo.

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