Emo Post is NOT all that emo. Really, :D


*poses dramatically*
*sighs heavily*
*looks up from a book of poems by Poe*

What is this feeling that I has been lurking around the corners of my brain? Why do I feel as if all the hard work that I have put into my education is for naught?

Truly, I suspect that the whole thing is just my brain being its usual bitchy self.

Sad and lonely tree. *warbly eyes*

I am approaching the end of my degree. I have one course this summer, and three in the fall – and that is it. I am done.

In the meantime, I must now look for a job. In this market. At my age. [cough,mumble,cough43coughcough]
To say I am a bit intimidated would be an understatement. But, I have a few bonuses to stave off the jitters.

1.)  I am a darn good technical/creative writer. Even when1 my brains are being bad, I know this to be true.

2.) I have years and years of experience as a quality assurance agent and technical writer. This degree was more to open a hole in the glass ceiling that I was whapping against since I only had a high school diploma.
I’m GOING to get hired. I’ve got too many good references not to.

3.) ?

4.) Profit!

5.) I actually have a plan. It may or may not be a good plan, per se. But it’s there and I am excited to be a part of it.

1 – Which they are trying to be right now. “Put a caveat on that statement! Something along the lines of ‘in spite of what you are seeing here’ sort of thing!  Do it! Do it!”   [And I realize that technically that I just did so here. But at least it is in the footnotes, and not up in the main body, apologizing for my own work. Stupid anxiety.]

I know how you feel, little dude.

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