I’mma Let You Write Something, But Tubin’ With Friends is the Greatest Thing Ever

I spent most of yesterday on a giant, yellow, inflatable tire floating down a section of a nearby river. There were friends, and margaritas, and splishy-splashy, talking and giggles, and and and…

It. Was. Awesome.

I did learn a few things, however. I feel I should pass these on to you, as a public service. Because I am a helper.

1.)  If you are in the water while out-of-doors AND you have skin AND you have pale skin AND you tend to burn easily?  Reapply the damn sunblock. A lot. More than, say twice, in a seven hour period.
Otherwise, you might wind up a tad crispy around the edges.1

2.) That whole “wear water socks/shoes while in the river” thing? Yeah, there are reasons for that. Some of the reasons are sharp – like rocks and the like under the water. Others are more squishy, involving ankle-deep debris and mud. If the thought of sinking into slime and having it slither up between your toes makes YOU do the ::jibblies:: dance, too? Wear the damn shoes.

3.) The very, very best way to end a day of tubing along a lazy (albeit with a few white water chutes) river is Tex Mex and cheap margaritas. If you do not follow this procedure, then you are DOING IT WRONG.

Pictured: Doing it right.






1 – Much like Anakin did.

Damn, girl. You look a bit fried.

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