I think it ran out four years ago.

Not on my car.
On my body.  😦

I am sitting here, stiffly, painfully, and somewhat embarrassed with a bulged disc in my lower back. 

How did I get this?

Competitive rodeo-clowning?
Bar fight with a pack of Dobermans and their poodle overlords?
Crash testing a new rocket sled in the back forty?


I got it, DO NOT LAUGH, by sitting for hours in my crappy office chair while I look for a job. I think the Evil Bed might also have played a heinous part in this tragedy.

At any rate, I finally went to the University Health Services – because I had serendipitously gotten an email that said I had a ‘Grace Semester’ left to use their services, post-graduation. The very nice doc gave me Rx for Prednisone, a corticosteroid, to help with the inflammation. She also prescribed generic Norco for the pain. I’m not a huge fan of taking pills or meds, but I am pathetically grateful for these.

Even if I do sit up until 3AM looking up drug interactions, side effects, and the like.

Anxiety and WebMD do NOT mix.

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