Sedentary, Sedentary, INJURY!

Duck, duck….well, you get it.


I have been a terrible person to myself.
Well, OK – more so than usual.

I have not done any exercise, other than the little bit required to get me to and from places, for months. I have been hunched over my computer, a wizened old troll writing papers or hunting for a job. Or I have been lounging on the couch, being brain-lazy and playing video games.
Neither of these options is particularly healthy, by the way.

I have had a semi-good excuse. I was in the final weeks of school, finishing up my degree. Then, with the nightmare of looming student debt, I started the job post-grad job search in earnest1.

After a few weeks of this, my body was done. D-O-N-E, done. I woke up one morning and damn near collapsed getting out of bed. My back was sending out urgent distress signals.



When I eventually got to the doctor, she told me that I had essentially bulged a disc. The doctor was very nice – apparently weeping in pain2 is their weakness – and concerned. She did some routine exams, asked some questions and then told me that I was too old to be competition skydive-skeet-shooting.

Or, maybe I should get up and get some exercise once I had healed up from this issue. Also, that if it wasn’t much better feeling in a week, they wanted me in for an MRI and other expensive things. Of course, my initial reaction was completely grown up.

Still and all, I’m feeling better now. My back is still twingy although it isn’t making me shuffle along like a participant in a death march.

The takeaway on all this has been straightforward. Unless I want to end up in this situation again, I should get my body back into shape. Strengthen up my core and back muscles and lose the little paunch I have developed over the last year.



I suppose my plan of eating nachos and never running again is a violation of the rules, anyway.




I will be restarting a gentle (at first) exercise program. I plan to gradually ramp it up as my back and general tolerance rebuild. I will be logging said program on Fitocracy. Hopefully, that will help keep me accountable.

Maybe this way I can achieve my dream of doing my 90th birthday skydive into a laser light show.


I presume Pink Floyd will still be having these. Only, they’ll be using their robot bodies by then.



1 –Seriously, I think that 4 to 6 tailored resumes and cover letters per day is a lot. Plus, the online applications and insta-resume sends (probably 4 or 5 of those each day.) But, maybe I am wrong. What is the norm, Intertrons? What is considered a normal amount of resume sendage, on average per day?

2-She was trying to move my legs so that she could do some neurological tests (whack-a-knee is the medical term for it, I believe) to see if I had perma-damaged myself or no. I didn’t exactly burst into tears (SPOILER: I totally did) but, she must have seen through my gritty exterior to extreme pain that the movement caused.

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