Good Help

I was recently (today, as a matter of fact!) pointed to a fellow writer blog, I Saw Lightning Fall. I HIGHLY reccomend that you wander over there and take a gander. Make sure your chair is comfy and you’ve a tasty snack or beverage to hand. I suspect you will be spending a lot time there.
So. Many. Stories.  🙂

Anywho, I Saw Lightning Fall  is collecting dark Christmas stories. I was intrigued and definitely wanted to play!  The rules were pretty simple:  creepy content, 100 words exactly.  Below is my submission.  I hope you (and ISLF) like it.



Good Help

“Is everything ready?” Clinking noises accompanied his words.

“Yes, sir.” I hoped he couldn’t see my hands shake. He didn’t like it when his servants were visibly frightened. He required serenity for his work, he said. I smoothed down the white fabric of the robe I wore. Eldritch patterns glimmered faint green along the hem and neckline.

“Now, Ms. Gardner. Let us begin.” He began to chant, his powerful, deep voice booming against the icy cavern walls, opening the Ways. I tilted my head back, as per instructions, stretching my hands up.

At the proper moment, I pierced his heart.

7 thoughts on “Good Help

    1. Thank you! That was exactly the tone I was reaching for!

      RE: what happens next…I was thinking about that this morning, actually. Here is the answer, also in the 100 word format. 😀

      The blood welled up around my hands, warm and awful. It flowed into the runes etched into his body; scars from a war so old that it could only be recalled as myth. I stepped back, arms widespread.

      Overhead, the darkness shuddered and crept back from the words still hanging in the air. I could hear the falling tinkle of icicles near the mouth of the cave. To my overwhelmed mind, it sounded like bells.

      On the table, he stirred. The blood continued to pump, filling the runes with scarlet power. He arose, “I am a right jolly, old, elf!”

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