Could you tell me how to get, how to get to Adulting Street?

This post brought to you by the number 4.00AM and the letter undercaffeination; with special guest stars Rambling and Random.


Ahh, Texas summers in the early morning.
78° and 93% humidity.

You step outside the door and the air sort of oozes around you. It’s kind of like having your face breathed on by a hobo.

I got to work this morning and made the above comment and one of my coworkers was like “Ugh. No. No hobos. Coffee first.”

Bro. I got you, bro.

My daughter is going to be 16 in just over two weeks.


Where in the hell has the time gone? How did she get to be a junior in high school so quickly?1

Now our talks include things like “when can I get my driver’s license/a job/a car?”

All of which I answer (to paraphrase another blogger whose work I admire):

And not because I am a super-over-protective Mom anymore.
It’s because I care about all the other people on the road.

I love the Girl. She is a great kiddo, turning into an awesome young adult. She is caring, compassionate, brilliant, and funny as hell.

She is also easily distracted and somewhat unfocused. The idea of her piloting a 2000+ pound vehicle gives me the shrieking heebie-jeebies.

1– With the careful application of summer school, to make up for failing grades. School is not her favorite subject.  :/

I also found out that Taco Bell has apparently partnered up with Captain Crunch Cereal (with dingleberries) to create a Frankendessert.

There are NO words to convey my general repulsion and yet horrified vague desire to ingest one, mostly to see if it as bad as it appears.

If I do, I’ll report back, toxicity endurance pending.

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