Sales Weasels and Other Oddities

Things are transitioning at work again. I’m not particularly pleased, but it is a job and I am grateful to be making some money. I’m just not especially happy with going back to a sales position.


Oy. Vey.


I wish that there were a job (that I could get hired for, mind) where I could go in every day and write articles, technical documents, and fiction. Oh!  And wrangle social media and play video games. You know, for money.

That’d be super maxi awesome.

(You can tell by my use of the phrase “super maxi awesome” that I would be *AWESOME* at it.)

I know jobs like that exist. I am just not exactly sure how one goes about acquiring one. I’ll keep looking into it, though. If I find it, I’ll let you guys know.

In the meanwhile, I am still planning on doing the vlog (oooh! a technical term!) of the spooky story I mentioned in a previous post. I am actually ridiculously excited about this project. I hope you guys like it. Scary, creepy stories are my favorites.

Halloween season should start mid-September. Don’t y’all agree?  And maybe extend until the second week of November. A black and orange parade of candy, creepy music, spooky stories, and the occasional fire.

Just no possessed dolls. Because that shit ain’t funny, yo.

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