Git Along Lil Doggies!

I have had a migraine, allergies, a migraine induced by allergies, etc. since August 5th.

This morning I woke and could see sans aura, could breathe (more or less normally), and my head wasn’t pounding like a punk rock drummer hyped up on an unholy mixture of blue meth and Kool-Aid.

I was thrilled!
I bounded out of bed!

And collapsed like a limp and painful noodle on my bedroom floor. Apparently, sometime during the night’s sleep, I went on walk-about. And whilst about my nocturnal ramblings, I also participated in a three round rodeo event with calf roping, bronc busting, and cow-dogging.
That is the only thing that explains the level of twisted, sheer agony now coursing up and down my back, neck, and shoulder.
It absolutely is not that I am 45 years old, out of shape, and spent most of yesterday holed up on the couch in more or less one position, playing video games and feeling sorry for myself.

Sleepwalkin’ rodeo.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

The entire inside is patterned after small-town Texas.
Yeehaw, motherfuckers.
  • – well, as ecstatic as pre-coffee me can actually get.

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