Lord, I am SO tired. How long can this go on??

Cracked open the books again.
Cracked open the books again. *

I am doing the job search thing again so writing for the blog fell off the radar a bit. But never fear! I am still writing.
It was pointed out to me that the Talislanta game still needs wrapping up. It is a difficult game to run – I’m crossing two very different game systems and universes, plus there is quite a bit of emotional hand-wringing due to the nature of the game. I’ve taken beloved characters from my players and run through the spiritual meat grinder.
Like you do, as a fiction writer.
Just ask George RR Martin.

That being said, I am planning on starting it back up** sometime mid-September. As before, I will post bits of fiction created from the game notes here so you all can enjoy absolute horror I’ve inflicted upon my players.

* – also, all the notes. Every single one of my NPCs has some sort of backstory. I feel like it gives them weight.
** – with the player’s enthusiastic agreement, that is.

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