3 thoughts on “Late Night Pondering….

  1. Greetings,

    I am trying to catch up a the Cure-loving belly dancer in Austin.

    My apologies if have disturbed the tranquil confines of your writing space by mistake.

    May the Muse ever be at your shoulder.

    1. I believe you have reached me.
      Either that, or I eerily resemble another Cure-loving belly-dancer from Austin. Are you perchance my dance partner from Regression this Sunday past?
      If so, feel free to PM me at my Facebook account (same Batname, Bon Steele).

      1. “He is i and am him… (something indecipherable by Snoop Dogg)”

        I am trying to avoid Facebook because i waste too much time on there. Philistines post nonsense and i wade in to slay them. Takes hours.

        You can txt or email if so inclined


        Or askyerdog@gmail.com


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