I know I have been gone…

…things have been brain-chancey.


I’m working on it.


For now, here’s my latest thoughts. From my FB.


I am not usually one to post anything political. But this shit? Has to stop.

I posted earlier, elsewhere:

I wanted to write something pithy and deep. Fraught with meaning and nuance. Something to reach out and touch the hearts of people. Make them think, react, pro-act, vote, change, something. ANYthing.
But my Muse is gone, the denier media is in full swing, and I am just too heartsore.
Oh, god.
No more. Please. Just no more.”


*has tea*
*straightens vest*

I can do better. We all can.
I will keep fighting, doing my little bit, trying to expand that bit.

Because this is my world. These are my humans. All of them. My Beloveds. All of humanity. Fuck your inability to see what’s happening. Fuck. It.

We can do better.
We can do better.
We can do better.

I believe that.

I will keep finding ways to do so, to bring to light the hate and injustice and inequality and imbalance.
Because this? This is wrong. Wrong. WRONG.

There is NO justification. There is nothing you can say that will make any of this right. Not these latest victims, not the ones that were wearing hoodies, or had a play gun, or who were swimming in a place that others thought they shouldn’t be.

FUCK your discomfort. Expand your goddamn mind. Broaden your fucking horizons. This is our *world* and you are fucking,it.up so that you can be more comfortable.

Reach out, find ways to heal hurts, find ways to redress the balance, find ways to not give excuses to the hurters.

Because if we don’t? Orwell would be right. And fuck a bunch of that.