Apparently, one needs to do mighty, mighty* battle when one’s domain name is taken.
Taken because of a lack of input.






Shit. I apologize, guys. I got in the way of myself (as I often do) and got in the way of the stories/process.

I think that I have it solved…technology and  (to a degree) brainmeats, solved.

Wanna hear a story?  Shoot me an idea in the comments
It could be flash, short, or novella depending on how the muse takes me.



Regardless, I will attempt to put up a story of some sort for you once a week.


*Mgmt note: By mighty, she means I had to battle the wicked tech support monster. And by battle, I mean follow the instructions of said tech support rep, who wasn’t monstrous at all!

I did what I could to get everything back the way it was, but sadly, the previous domain name has been snatched up by someone else and is no longer available**, so there is this fine .blog page you’re reading now.

~ Editor’s note: I’ve promised the delightful, wonderful author that I’ll do all I can to keep the page up and running and in good working order for you fine Readers, as I am happily among your ranks myself!

**  Author’s note: I cri.  ;__;

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