On Writing…A Rambling Discourse

Part of the process of getting back into writing is looking backwards into your own words. Not just the ideas and thoughts you’ve been fomenting, but the things you’ve already written. The way you wrote them. The things that made you happy. The things that made you cringe. The things where you saw you went wrong and could could use a goddamn editor.

I’ve been poking, somewhat lazily tbh, at  a story idea I came up with damn near a year ago. To my mind, it’s a *great* idea. It has a lot of potential, insofar as Jungian ideology and table-top mechanics are good.

All that being said…Here is a bit of Tray just asking for it.

Tray stretched, letting his arms fall loose to the ground. Being upside down wasn’t so bad. He looked up at his feet and then beyond to the small circle of the night sky afforded by the treeline. The moon was gorgeous and full. Night birds called and were answered. He smiled.
A heavy pulse began to beat in in his throat. He began to murmur the appropriate  words.


It’s a Process, yet again

I have a flash fiction prompt that I’d like to do. I came up with it during a geeky discussion with a friend.
But the idea seems like it could be a bit more than 500 words in a single setting.

I _could_ flash fiction it…but it, to me, seems like it could be a bit more.
Y’all…what are your thoughts?
East Texas pagan tries to recreate Odin’s quest for wisdom – the whole hanging upside down thing.  He’s not stupid – a scholar of history and myths at a nearby state college – but he is a tab obsessed. Also, terribly young. Like in his twenties and invincible sort of young. Cut him some slack…we’ve all been that stupid.
Well…okay, not this stupid.
I hope.

Anywho…. He goes to the middle of nowhere, strips naked. He makes what he believes are the appropriate magical preparations…and then sets up a trap to grab his legs and send him upside down, steps into it ….and waits.
The trap goes off. And he hangs and slowly dies.

But then, he isn’t dead.

He is undead…sort of. He doesn’t look like a zombie but… (more on that in a bit).

He has powers, but it’s limited and flakey.
He loses both eyes and is therefore blind (the Ravens each grab one eye apiece)  but he can See (energy, future, past, etc) He can see the past clearly, but only if he can touch something. He can see energy patterns – the Fae, where lines of power exist, where giant energy things are going to occur (think of it like looking at Wakanada before Thanos arrived – not the same worldspace, but you get where that would be a giant energy signal). Trying to See the future inevitably makes him woozy/nauseated/sick as he does not have the ability (yet, I think) to sort the clanging timelines out.

As a further add on to the suck…that whole undead thing. He must at least once a week eat the flesh of a living being.

So that is the notes on an idea. Like I said, it could be a flash..but it could be fleshed further out.