On Writing…A Rambling Discourse

Part of the process of getting back into writing is looking backwards into your own words. Not just the ideas and thoughts you’ve been fomenting, but the things you’ve already written. The way you wrote them. The things that made you happy. The things that made you cringe. The things where you saw you went wrong and could could use a goddamn editor.

I’ve been poking, somewhat lazily tbh, at  a story idea I came up with damn near a year ago. To my mind, it’s a *great* idea. It has a lot of potential, insofar as Jungian ideology and table-top mechanics are good.

All that being said…Here is a bit of Tray just asking for it.

Tray stretched, letting his arms fall loose to the ground. Being upside down wasn’t so bad. He looked up at his feet and then beyond to the small circle of the night sky afforded by the treeline. The moon was gorgeous and full. Night birds called and were answered. He smiled.
A heavy pulse began to beat in in his throat. He began to murmur the appropriate  words.


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