On this part…

Step 3 – Characters

Now you need to turn your attentions to one of the most important part of the story – the characters. For each major character write a one page summary that includes:

  • name
  • storyline – what part will they play in the plot
  • goal – what do they want
  • motivation – why do they want it
  • conflict – what stops them from getting it
  • epiphany – what will they learn or how will they change

On Writing pt a lot

Fun fact: In all my years of writing, I have never used an outline.
And in all my years of writing, I have only published one small short story. Not auspicious.
I feel that I might need to make some changes into how I write longer fiction. I can crank out flash fiction and GM in-game, on the fly changes at will.
But to sit down and write to an outline? With a definite plan in mind?
Yeah, not so much.
I’ve done it sorta-kinda, very loosely, exactly once. And by that I mean that I wrote the story in one go and then just edited it a lot.
It was a good story. But it was for a creative writing course for college and it was definitely not my usual fare. (Creative writing professors are generally really against the kind of fiction that I want to write.)
So, I am attempting something new:  I have an idea. I have some thoughts as to where I want it to go (rather than my usual organic method). I have ideas about the consequences of what all this story means to the overall physics of the world/universe that Hero/Protag inhabits. I have given thought to the antagonist and what their deal is.
You guys.
This is a *sharp* departure from my usual stream-of-consciousness writing style.
I am …curious? hesitant? hopeful?

All of the above.

So. I am beginning to outline Redneck Odinsson and I am super curious as to where this goes.