Today? Sucked

Today kind of sucked, big time.

tl;dr: i tried to vaccinate and failed

I have been sort of Desperately Seeking, Not Susan, but a vaccine. And they’ve been mostly booked up in my areas, which are the Greater Austin areas. My pod is mostly vaccinated, including my kiddo. So I wanted to join the herd. There was a vaccine available in Midland Texas. It was the closest available vaccine to me. So I signed up and they gave me an appointment.
It’s a five-hour drive to Midland Texas from where I’m at. But I was willing to make that drive, because vaccinations are important.
So I called out of work, and grabbed victuals and water and driving buddy, and headed towards Midland Texas.
At about the 3 hour mark of driving, just a bit past Fredericksburg, I started to lose feeling in the left half of my body, and my BPM shut up to a hundred and twenty.
It was a goddamn body migraine. For those in the know, that’s called a hemiplegic migraine. It mimics stroke symptoms. But eventually goes away, unlike stroke.
If you have anxiety, it can make the symptoms worse.
Guess who has two thumbs and generalized and medical anxiety? Hint, it me.
We determined driving back home was the better part of valor. It was still about an hour and a half away from the vaccination site, and then another five hours back. Plus however long it took at the site to get vaccinated, check for reaction and released. It just made more sense to get home and try again another day.
To say I am disappointed and sad is a freaking understatement.

It is 11 something at night and I’m just now feeling okay-ish. It has been a long and trying day, so I’m going to bed soon and will restart the search tomorrow.

I love you all, and I will see you in the morning.

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