Serial Story x3

After a few moments, it cleared its throat.

“…shouldn’t you be squealing or thrashing or. ..I dunno…being terrified?”

She cleared her throat, “I…” She paused and took a breath. “I am. Terrified that is.”

An undulant sound of approval hissed up from underneath the bed.

“It’s…”She gulped and continued, “You seem a quicker and cleaner out.”

Serial Horror Story

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The nite lite was turned off again.
Asshole, she thought and swung her leg over.

The gently held circle around her ankle surprised her though

Don’t scream it whispers.


Expansion seed.

She froze. Experience said sudden or frightful movement was bad.

“…hello?” she whispered


camera pullback

She is alone except for whatever is encircling her left ankle.
She cannot see it yet, so neither can we.
It does not feel like a human hand.
There is a soft chuckle at her query.


An aside:


The grip tightened but not hurtfully so.
She winced. More out of habit than pain.
She remained as still as she could be.
“Can …” she coughed lightly. “Can I help you?”


this started this started as a back and forth on my Facebook for seed ideas for stories. But I kind of like where it’s going. Lemme know here if you would like to find out what is next.