May I Remind You

And by “you” I mean me.

You, my good b****, still have the sauce. You still have the ideas. It’s why you can f****** wing it during an incredibly involved gaming session that you are GMing.

Your Muse has not abandoned you. You have given up on working for your Muse.

She’s dropping idea after idea into your psyche , begging you to flesh them out.

And the f*** of it is , you like fleshing stories out. You enjoy the process of exploring side story and backstory and flavor text ..It’s kind of your thing. Like. A lot.

And yet here you sit. Thinking that the Muse has abandoned you. But she’s been there all along, giving you ideas and waiting for you to get off your ass.

You have a literal pile of ideas and story seeds, in both your Keep notes and in an anthology group chat that you are not working on.

Writing… Is work. Getting the idea is a gift. And you have been gifted far more than you are working for.

So here is a suggestion…Jot down those ideas. But delve into the ideas that you’ve already jotted down and work on them. It’ll be hard, but you enjoy it. I promise.

With Love,

The Other Side of Your Brain

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