Fuck You Too.

I am desperately lonely.

Don’t get me wrong – I have the day to day connection of my partners and my kiddo and my beloved pets.

But I am lonely for the connection of friends and family face to face. For a hug or a hand hold of the people outside my covid bubble. For interactions and talking and game idea shopping about ideas and writing and trying to make our emotional/food organization/government/ecology better and and I am just tired of feeling alone and sad and and and I realize that my feelings are so small and inconsequential in the face of WW3 starting to happen

But you see, I have been expecting this to happen my whole tween/teen life and here it is and I still have feelings about it so I guess I will just do the same and bury those feelings and be OK about it all, I guess OK and just suck it up and say that it’s fine when it isn’t, it has not been for some YEARS but that’s OK because in the end we are all gonna go in flash of nuclear fire.

So, anyway. Wanna join a Discord/Zoom where we can at least see each other and chat?

  • am in a bad place tonight – sorry.

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