Call me Ishm…

Call me Bon. 🙂

I live  in a teeny town just south of Austin, Texas with my child, my kitties and my not-quite-husband. You will see me refer to them all by various names. They’re used to it.

Variable Names Reference Guide

De Facto Spousal Unit= Mister Man.
Kid = The Girl or The Teen.
Cat #3 = Pandora von PirateButt the Omnicurious (newest addition, full of fluff)
Cat #2 = Xamot, Big Boy or Get Off the GD Kitchen Counter!
Cat #1= Macha, Kitten Face or Her Gravely Grumpalicious, The Queen of Bitchitude. (deceased)

I spend my days writing, reading, studying and chasing critters. Just so we are clear, critters includes recalcitrant teenagers.  *sigh*

At the age of *cough38cough* I decided that the path my life was taking – while fairly lucrative – was not one I wished to follow. Furthermore, I also decided that in order to effectively coerce  err, influence my kid to go to college, I should probably seek my own degree, as well. I am seeking my Bachelor of Arts, English. Because words are important to me.


Shut up.
FREEDOM….(right up until I start grad school.)

I’ll be posting random ramblings about writing, bits of stories, character development stuff and anything else that my brain seizes on for the day.


Most of what I publish here -insofar as “bloggy stuff” – is whanged together in one sitting. Very little editing or polishing. The fiction pieces get a few more swipes of the editorial cloth. Not as much as the bits that I actually send out to publications but more than the Day in the Life stuff, fer sure. This place is, after all, where I process the words floating about in my brain.

Just so we are clear on this: All work on this site is copyrighted and cannot be reprinted or used in ANY manner whatsoever without express consent of Bonnie [Bon] Steele. 

21 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Excellent!!!!! I can’t wait to see your random ramblings, bits of stories, character development, and whatever else comes our way!

  2. Yeah! Looking forward to more…and maybe a lesson or two for your favorite SIL to do something like this? Love to you and yours.

  3. Most definitely excited! I love reading your noodles. And doodles. And bits. And bobs. And truncated mono-syllabic expletives. Have you attached this blogs to the Networked Blogs App of Facebook yet?

    1. Thank you – 🙂 I wanted something clean and straight-forward. Hopefully, with the amount that I post it will continue to be so.

      I haven’t read that blog, so I couldn’t say.
      What it is, though, is a site where I can blog about my writing. Get some samples out there. I am hoping that folks will be both my sounding board to bounce ideas about writing around; and a test market, to see what genre I write in that people gravitate more towards.

      1. So basically it is like that project. She got a book out of it. Anyway be sure to put funny stories about Dodger and I will log in frequently .

  4. hahha love it. i refer to the cat as The Beast, kid #1 as DangerMuffin, kid #2 as Peanut The Destroyer, and the definitely the wife as LisaLiscious. The grrrrrrrlz love their nicknames. LisaLiscious not so much. The Beast is just happy we’re no longer in a state of cold war and I’m no longer hurling heavy things at her.

    so there ya have it.

    1. Pseudonyms and/or secret identities are made of awesome, so far as I am concerned.
      And with my last name…well, I’m not saying I AM a superhero*. But, I am not saying I’m not, either. :p

      * – standing on a corner of a building. Looking out over my The City.

      1. But of course. Daughter and I are in San Antonio, headed to Morgan’s Wonderland tomorrow. Look forward to hearing from you.

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