(blog)Roll of the Dice

Life – at least for me – sometimes seems so completely random. I suspect that it is part of why I keep so many lists & calendars: a way to keep the forces of chaos at bay.
Yeah. It’s all just a roll of the dice. Glorious, isn’t it?

Some words and images that inspire, amuse, infuriate, enthrall. Things that make you go “HOLY CRAP, DID YOU SEE THAT?”

Terrible Minds

The Manor of Mixed Blessings

The Clothes Make The Girl

Bits and Pieces

The Bloggess

Hyperbole and a Half

Nerdy Shiny Pointy Things

John Cheese | Cracked.com

The Studio of Casey Clough

The Journal I Wish I’d Kept

Jane In Her Infinite Wisdom

The Valentine 4: Living Each Day

Phoenix Living

Life Out of the Box

Kristen Lamb’s Blog

The Texas Triffid Ranch | Odd Plants and Oddities For Odd People

Circuitous Route

Tempest in a Tibetan Bowl

The Dead Console Society

Amanda Rudd’s Blog

Bottlecaps & Broken Bits

krista and jess | us two and our motley crew

Christine Rose

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