Lo, there do I see my players…

Getting ready for tomorrow’s game. This has been a long and very complex game thus far. I don’t see any signs of that changing. Except, perhaps, to grow even more complicated.

Moo ha ha ha.


Anywho, I’ve just finished putting together the notes for the last game. Thought I’d share them here so y’all can see what an evil GM I truly am.  (Please refer to previous evil laughter, thanks).



Here is my memory of recent events (which could be wrong, so if I miss a point, please let me know):


* You guys left the Ruins/Library and swung a little south to hit up Akrim

* There have been a couple of battles, 1.) land lizard stampede, HOOOOO! and 2.) omnivraxes are bad, mmkay?

* Backtracking the lizards led you to a very bad place, with a giant tower made of brass and runes sketched into many, many things.

* After some deliberation, y’all beat feet. There is talk of coming  back at some point in the future.

* Ishan is along for the ride and gives you the rundown on Reincarnators

* Omnivraxes are bad. Vasps are worse. Like giant scorpions on meth with a side of Lloth

*Outside the city, musical interlude. Tim is much relaxed. Minozh has a flash of hope.

* Akrim is a very organized place

* Y’all meet the Orgovians. Between an awesomely fumbled Merchant roll by the patriarch (Oralo) of a particular clan + a none-too-shabby Etiquette/Haggle roll on the part of Tim, you will be given status as “trusted” by the head of that particular clan. ** This helps by giving you a system of contacts. They’re over charging you, a bit. But, in a gentle and respectful manner.

* Y’all determine to go with the caravans to Cymril after heading into The Barrens to destroy ‘an evil lich, oooooh we hates liches, we do!” /tim

* In the meantime, trade trade trade buy sell haggle trade

-> give me a list of what all y’all have acquired, plz

* An interlude with a kind Drow (an Ariane to you Tal natives; you’ve no idea what a Drow is or why even the merest mention of them makes Minozh even scarier).

* A-trackin’ we will go, a-trackin’ we will go. Heigh-ho the killers-o, a-trackin’ we will go!

* They, um. Went that way, boss. There is a LOT of them.

* Ishan imparts his knowledge of their foes: the Za are naughty, mean zoots with a penchant for blood drinking and ritual sacrifice



I think that is most everything. I know there is a golden beetle in there somewhere, as well as various dream sequences.




ready for this
source: http://cache.desktopnexus.com/thumbnails/1353467-bigthumbnail.jpg













Players, y’all can read the footnote. BUT, this is information that you do not have in game.



** – he and all his kith/kin are exiles because they wanted to expand the Orgovian way of life by setting up a trading stall in a city. That is why there are so many of them in Akrim. The other Orgovian nomads will mostly ignore & refuse to trade with him.

Lizard Queen

What’s best in life?
Crush your coffee beans, see them drowned in water, and to hear the gurgling of the coffeepot.


I can tell that autumn has finally arrived.

It isn’t the changing leaves (please, this is Central Texas. The only time leaves change colors is when we spray paint them). It isn’t the arrival of orange/yellow/brown “decorations”in the seasonal aisle of our HEB. It isn’t even pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.

pumpkin spice

No. I can tell because this is the time of year when Mister Man insists that all the windows be open. He says that we only get six weeks total of acceptable weather – three in the spring and three in the fall. While he may be right about the weather, I spend those six weeks shivering in my own home. To be fair, he didn’t know I was a Lizard Person until after he moved in. But, still.

Y’all, it was 44 degrees this morning. FORTY FOUR. And every damn window in the place was chocked open, to let in the “fresh air.”

Fresh air, FFS.

Please bring blankets, as the floor is cold, too.

I have spent the last several days huddled under blankets, wearing sweaters and thermals and thick socks. Although, it is a little hard to type while swaddled up like a baby-burrito. But, my players need me to finish the Talislanta/DnD crossover game. I’d like to finish it because it will make a great story.

I peeled them off so you could see what I consider an acceptable layer of blankets.
I peeled them off so you could see what I consider an acceptable amount of blankets.


But I have to emerge from my warmliness-cocoon sometimes. Nachos and coffee don’t make themselves, you know.

mmm. Nachos. /hellboy
The amount of BTUs lost during the making of the nachos was staggering. Or shivering. …whatever.


For now, I must return to my work.
However, this evening is all about Machiavellianism and NPCs and meta-meta arcs.

Moo ha ha ha.
Moo ha ha ha.

And if you think I am giggling quietly to myself, you are quite wrong.

It’s more of a sinister chuckle, really.


I should really get a fluffy white cat to stroke while I plot.



1 – I use the word loosely.

We Now Return You to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

As I mentioned, I had promised to post some of my favorite characters that I have created over the years. Many of them I have created for use as NPCs in games that I was running. Today, I am going to focus on Marvel Classic Superhero characters and NPCs. I will post their stats, their backstories1, and –if I have one- an image of them2.


If there is further interest in this topic, I will post some of the characters (with their stats and back story, just like for these) from other games I have played in and GMd.

Without further ado, some of the denizens of my brain – Marvel Superhero style3:


The NPCs

One of the first bigga-time4 games for Marvel I ran was something I called “No One Expects the Aztec Inquisition!” in which I combined the Aztecs, some time travel, alternate dimensions, lucha libre5, pyramids, and no small amount of explosions6.

For any inconsistencies or outright errors in the actual history of the Mesoamerican land and people, I apologize and point out that it was for Marvel RPG.



Real Name:  Ximena Mateo
Alias:             Tia Mateo
Type:             Human/Magic user
Age:               83
Affiliation:    n/a
Role:              Local Curandero
Status:          Mostly retired except for the occasional healing. She is keeping an eye on her young grand-nephew, in whom she senses new power.
Fighting:         Feeble (1)
Agility:            Poor (3)
Endurance:    Typical (5)
She’s 83 years old, fer goodness sakes! She leaves the adventuring part of adventures to the young (and stupid).
Reason:          Remarkable (26)
Intuition:        Amazing (46)
Psyche:           Amazing (46)

Health:           10
Karma:           700

Resources:      Good

Popularity:      10 (Within the local community, “Tia Mateo” is a formidable presence. Generally speaking, any ‘right raised’ kid from the area knows not to sass her and to leave her and hers alone).

Powers:           None


Mystic Background    This talent shows that the character has some background with magical forces. A character with this Talent may have Magical Powers, with the approval of the Judge.

Occult Lore                The character has made extensive studies into the area of occult happenings, including: unexplained events and mysteries of the world, hauntings, and other manifestations of the spirit world. He has a +2CS when researching or dealing with occult events.

Herbal Lore                +2CS7 to any healing

Ritual Magics             Reason FEAT to perform magical ceremonies. To do this you need knowledge of the ceremony (usually from a book), equipment, and time. Time is 1d20 times 2 = rounds of spell casting needed.
By combining specific chants and gestures, Tia can create magical effects of up to Monstrous Power8. Each power is treated as a Power Stunt that she can use easily:

  • Reflection
  • Astral Detection
  • Resistance to Magic
  • Magic Detection
  • Biophysical Control – Healing
  • Biophysical Control – Disruption
  • Hypnotic Control
  • Summoning
  • Sympathetic Magic
  • Dream Travel
  • Dream Manipulation
  • Divination

Dream Travel
The Hero can enter a surreal realm of dreams when they go to sleep, as opposed to “just a dream”. The basic form of this power acts as a sort of resistance to mental controls, detection and damage while the Hero is asleep.

Other’s Dreams
The Hero may enter other people’s dreams in order to communicate or in an attempt to control the dream itself.



Tia’s Purse
Monstrous level material. Has a permanent Dimensional Pocket cast on it. IF she can fit it through the opening, she can store it indefinitely.


Herb Woman Staff
Amazing level material. Seems to be carved of shiny wood. Symbol of her status as head magical boss around these parts. Adds an additional +2CS to any Herbal roll.



** Tellectin9 Huight – Huitzilopochtli’s Avatar **

 Real name:    Hught Roos Daischalainin
Alias:               Huitzilopochtli’s Own
:               Alien race (Tellectin)
Age:                 508
Affiliation:       n/a (anymore)
Role:                God
Status:             Pretty gosh-darn high up the food chain on Variant 1135
Fighting:          Excellent 16
Agility:             Remarkable 26
Strength:         Remarkable 26
Endurance:     Amazing 46
Reason:           Typical 5
Intuition:         Amazing 46
Psyche:            Incredible 36

Health:            Lots
Karma:           700

Resources:      Amazing 46
Popularity:      Amazing 46
Contacts          None other than amongst is worshipers & priests. Of course, there are LOTS of those.


Because of what has happened to him, these powers are dormant.
Dimensional Travel:                 Feeble
Extradimensional Detection: Typical 5
Imitation:                          Feeble 5
Linguistics:                       Typical 5

These are not, however.
True Invulnerability:      Amazing 46
Hypnotism:                      Excellent 16. But requires eye contact. Can mesmerize others, or even control their minds outright.
Heightened Senses:       Remarkable 26 – All five senses
Telepathy:                        Remarkable 26, Requires line of sight but is very potent.
Regeneration:                 Remarkable 26
Force Field:                      Remarkable 26, This is a personal force field which must be consciously activated. It is skin-tight and cannot encompass anyone else.


Hm. This looks to be getting longish. And I have no clear idea on whether y’all want to read further on this subject (beyond a certain few of you, that is).

Tell you what, if there is more interest in this particular subject then I will write follow ups to this post.
Characters we haven’t discussed yet (but whom I have stats and etc. for) include:

Ylla, the plasma generating felinoid from the Inner Zone.
The Power Puff Girls & Professor Utonium10
Zion, the 500 year old Irish vampire who hunts his own kind (he made a side trip to a vamp-controlled RIFTS Universe. That was ….messy).

Plus many, many more.
And this is just the Marvel Superhero Classic RPG.


Did I mention that I game?
I game a lot.



1 – As applicable.

2—I will attribute the images as I can. Some of them are from years ago, when I was much younger and stupider about downloading art from the internet. If you happen to know the artist, and I don’t have it, please feel free to let me know who they are. I will happily attribute.


4—More than a one-off, a full length, giant campaign that was intended to last over the course of months.

5—Although, to be fair, the lucha libre idea was inspired by one of my players.

6—Do not taunt Super Happy Time/Space Spinny Ball of Doom.

7—Column shift.

8Universal Table.

9—The Tellectin are a race of reptialian dimensional cops created by my good friend and fellow gamer, Kevin Lawhon (GO READ HIS BOOK, RIGHT NOW!) I’m sure he appreciates the times that I have taken all his creations and put them through the proverbial ringer.   😀

10—I mean, who doesn’t build their favorite cartoon characters into badass Marvel superheroes?