Halloween 2011 – The Photo Post


Halloween 2011, a set on Flickr.

Being on a somewhat extreme budget this year, as well as not being Ye Olde Craft Goddess, I didn’t get to go all out like I wished to. However, I did make some few things that I liked. I will probably be taking this theme and expanding on it next year. There’s just something so completely freaky about a haunted children’s home. Enjoy this brief video and the photos of the house decorations. If my costume turns out like I hope, there will also be photos of it.

Resolutions: Not just for NYE, anymore

I’m a terrible blog-mommy.

I am so neglectful. I have left this site all by its lonesome for days. If there were a BPS (“Blog Protective Services”), I am sure I would have been reported by concerned neighbors* by now. I truly meant to have a rocking schedule by now. Like, maybe a fiction piece one day a week and a writing discussion another day. Sometime later that week, a photo post of Shit What’s Interesting. But, no. I got distracted by the shiny-dancey-interwebz. With its LOL-pictures and Facebooking and job searches and class scheduling. Shame on you, interwebz.

It's Caterday! DANCE OF JOY, PEOPLE!










I’m sorry little blog. I will try ever so much to be better to you. In fact, I feel a small tirade about it coming on.
I will return to a schedule! I will post something at least 3 times a week!  I will have a photo post for at least one of those posts! I will write more flash fiction and post it up here! In that vein, I will do a lot more of the Fiction Challenges via the various web authors I read! I will reorganize the site so that it is easier to find things! I will do a lot of unnecessary yelling as I make these promises.

*pant pant pant*


I'll just squish the sleep hours over to *here* and then? Voila!



Stay tuned, friends. I have a plethora of things to tell you over the next couple of days. One of which will be the brand-spanking-new schedule.





*- Blog neighbors. Blogbers?  Neighblogs?

Excuse me. I will be in the bathroom brain-bleaching the images that last word gave me.

What I did all day Saturday


Organization, a set on Flickr.

And will almost certainly continue to do (in other parts of the house) today. I’ve been promised a label-maker. I don’t know about YOU kids – but that makes me kinda hot. I have this not-so-secret desire to be the nerdcore/goth Peter Walsh (but with less facial hair.)


Or maybe, not so much BE the Walsh but have my house behave more like his. To that end, I have been going through Stuff What We Own and deciding if we really need or use it – or if it just taking up space.

Yesterday was the pantry’s turn. I found boxes (unopened!) of things with expiration dates from 2008. Now, in all fairness, some of that was stuff that I had inherited from family members.But still. 2008!!So.

Here is my new and improved pantry and spice shelves. I am tres excited, let me tell you. 🙂