Plants and Traitor Brain

Me, to my Traitor Brain: … if you could just shut the fuck up for one goddamn moment.
I know. I already know. Shut the fuck up. I. Know. Shutupshutupshutup tv static noise

Also me: I cannot wait for tomorrow because I’m going to transplant a tomato into a larger pot. I’m also going to transplant some basil. I think I’m going to try to rescue the onions that have gone to, well not seed… But definitely scallions. Maybe the tiny potatoes and sweet potato as well.

These are both valid thoughts that can happen at the same time.

Because people can be simultaneously completely overwhelmed, and still want to do things that make them happy. Whether or not we can do those things depends on the spoons we have available that day. Just because I’m looking forward to it, doesn’t mean it will actually happen.

I take my joy in slices.
To be honest, some slices are larger and some are slimmer. But I still take all of them and enjoy them.
And until medication and therapy and life changes catch up with me, I will take them.

I may not do the transplants tomorrow. But I will do them.

And the scent of the basil plants makes me happy. I will take that.

Serial Story x3

After a few moments, it cleared its throat.

“…shouldn’t you be squealing or thrashing or. ..I dunno…being terrified?”

She cleared her throat, “I…” She paused and took a breath. “I am. Terrified that is.”

An undulant sound of approval hissed up from underneath the bed.

“It’s…”She gulped and continued, “You seem a quicker and cleaner out.”