Guess What?


Yes, today. It is indeed part 4 of 2. Just like me. 





1. I may – or may not – demand that you click the link. 🙂  It is full of meaning and symbology. Also numbers.
2. Sorry for the lack of postings herein.  I’ll get back to my more or less every day post early next week. Birthday + holidays + vacation = my being a Bon of very little brain.


Think, think, think

Birthday Post

Twelve years ago today, I woke up at 4AM thinking “Now, THAT’S an odd smell*…and why am I wet?”
Thirteen hours and some waddling/crowning hijinks later, I was presented with a red-faced daughter, who was wrapped into perfect burrito form.

This may explain her ongoing fascination with TexMex. Or, that could be my fault.

At any rate, it has been a Kingda Ka sort of 12 years. Terrifying, exhilarating, far and away too quick. To me, she was just that little burrito, just a minute ago. She cannot be developing into a young lady so fast!

But she is. The eye rolls and dramatic sighs, if nothing else, let me know that she really is growing up.

That and the phone addiction. 🙂

She has been:
The Bebe
The Tot
The Girlie
The Girl
The Tween

Not a wee tot, anymore

But ever and always, she is Summer. My beautiful daughter. I am so blessed to have such a bright, sweet, compassionate person in my life.

I love you. You are the rockingnest kid that ever rocked a rock.



















* – amniotic fluid – your “water” – smells a bit like sweet bleach. It is an odd odor.