I See You

Pre-coffee pondering1:  I thought Facebook was supposed to be a social media? That it should actively encourage people to interact with one another. Instead, empirical evidence suggests that it is more of an acknowledgement tool.

People post something and then others ‘like’ or ” 🙂 ” their words. This is not necessarily a bad thing, being acknowledged as having said something is also important. But it, I think, misses at least some of the point of social media, and Facebook in particular.

And all of this was brought on by seeing people (myself included) ask questions on their wall – and have people ‘like’ the comment and say nothing.  ImageOr, in response to said question, people smiley-face and/or *HUG*!



ImageI’m equally guilty of this. I think, or rather, it often is for me, a way to say “ooh, I hear you and Imma answer you, but cute kittens/puppies are the greatest thing ever!”





Anyway, I didn’t have a solution or anything. I was just drinking my coffee while reading FB and happened to notice a thing.


1 – Under-caffeination is a serious affliction. Won’t you please help?


Inner Peace

Recently, we have been super busy in my household.

Searching, applying, resume updating, making up new ways to say the same crap in cover letters.
+++But,  I have an interview today, so maybe it will all be worth it?

Meetings, scrambling for money, paperwork, more meetings, registering the Girl for summer school.
+++But, she is registered for Geometry and will be passing onto 10th grade with the rest of her class.


I am sitting -right this VERY minute- writing this, while petroleum jelly and hair dye ooze down my neck. Why?  Because my hair is (err, was) a mixture of silver (natural, yay?), blue and purple (oh so NOT natural). I’m pretty sure that interviews should not be conducted with Festival hair. Especially interviews for Big Company.

For now, I am going to enjoy the coffee. And the sunrise.



In the Best Tradition of Huh Wuzzat?

I am going to SUCH a busy camper these next few days. Look:

Tuesday Day: Sent off short story to CW professor for contest entry –> ACCOMPLISHED
Tuesday Eve: Dinner with lovely friend and family –> ACCOMPLISHED, YUM.
Wednesday Morning:  Drive to freaking Austin to retrieve my damn credit card –> ACCOMPLISHED
Wednesday Afternoon:  Go to campus in San Marcos & deliver Financial Aid audit paperwork. Also? Must register for Fall classes because I am an ijit and didn’t do so during regular registering hours, ferfuckssakes.
Wednesday Night: BFF Sleepover, now with packing help for various things
Thursday Night: Yoga with Mister Man and then home, packing for our various things
Friday Morn: (gawd awful o’clock) drop Mister Man at the airport, come home, and wake up The Girl for school. Finish packing costumes, whips, and toiletries.
Friday Night: Drop off Girl with her Dad, go visit Lance and Rob in Austin for Fearless Gaming/Writing Discussions
Saturday Morn: (gawd awful o’clock, again) Drive to Houston for …
Sat – Sunday: Comicpalooza (see handy attached link) 
Sunday Night: Late drive home and collapse
Monday Morn: Drop off merch with BFF
Monday Afternoon: Chaperone young teens on a zombie video game hootenanny in what is NOT a date, dammit
Monday Night: Collapse into small pile


I am going to be so sleep deprived come Monday that all my conversation will consist of muttered movie quotes and startled snorts.

If y’all are at the Con, do come by the dealer’s room and say hi. If you bring coffee, you will be counted as a God amongst mortals and there might be active cheering.


Maybe, um. Maybe not quite this epic a cheer.