I gesture imperiously and snarl something about banks

The song I am listening to makes me a ridiculous amount of happy. I am grooving in my little corner of the lab while the below lyrics bellow out of my speakers.

This Shit Will Fuck You Up

I am a bitch
How do you want me?
From behind?
Or on my knees?

I am a slut
Please hold me down
I’ll be your noise
This shit will fuck you up

Tra la, inDEED!


Folks (plaintive note)…I know that I am supposed to be doing something tonight. What the hell is it?


I am now officially pissed.

I went to check my bank to make sure that last night’s deposit was indeed where it was supposed to be. However, my bank’s online stuff is broken. In a huge can’t check anything at all sort of way. Plus, when I called the CSR line to talk to a rep, I was told that the wait would be “considerable” by creepy robot guy. Finally, I was able to get to the available balance. If the number is correct — then my raise didn’t go through like I was told it would.


There will be updates to let you guys know exactly how I am going to re-enact the whole Vlad the Impaler thing, mmkay?


Thursday, Onward! Mush, Mush!

Thursday. Thank goodness that the week is winding down. Even with missing Monday, its been a long week. I slept well, if briefly last night. I think I finally actually fell asleep around 130 AM this morning. The alarm goes off at 615 and I smacked it into submission pretty quickly and slept for another forty five minutes. So yay for me. Extry sleep for the insomniac.

Bug bites are finally starting to heal up – jagwire states that his SO and I apparently have sugar blood. That must be the case. Because those fuckers really went to town on me. I counted – ready? – counted over 70+ bites on my legs.

Not much to say today. I am up to my eyeballs with meetings and scriptings here at work. It eats the brain, my precious. Eats it aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

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