Writing Exercise – Frogs

One of the writing classes that I took began with a series of exercises designed to jump start your brain. During a timed three minute interval, we were asked to come up with a total of ten two-word sentences. Noun, verb.
Easy-peasy-mac-n-cheesy, right?


Here’s the ones that I came up with:

  1. Paper shredded.
  2. Frogs flew.
  3. They believed.
  4. Buildings shuddered.
  5. I stalked.
  6. Sondra shrieked.
  7. Tires squealed.
  8. We prayed.
  9. He danced.
  10. She dangled.
At the end of this timed bit, we were then instructed to pick our favorite and write a few lines about it.
I like frogs.

Frogs flew. They would drop screaming from the tree tops to land on our yard. We’d go outside and watch the amphibian storm, mouths agape. There would be so many of them, all of them brightly colored poison. We didn’t know if this was normal here. We didn’t think to ask the others. All we knew was that being there was magically dangerous.