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As I mentioned, I had promised to post some of my favorite characters that I have created over the years. Many of them I have created for use as NPCs in games that I was running. Today, I am going to focus on Marvel Classic Superhero characters and NPCs. I will post their stats, their backstories1, and –if I have one- an image of them2.


If there is further interest in this topic, I will post some of the characters (with their stats and back story, just like for these) from other games I have played in and GMd.

Without further ado, some of the denizens of my brain – Marvel Superhero style3:


The NPCs

One of the first bigga-time4 games for Marvel I ran was something I called “No One Expects the Aztec Inquisition!” in which I combined the Aztecs, some time travel, alternate dimensions, lucha libre5, pyramids, and no small amount of explosions6.

For any inconsistencies or outright errors in the actual history of the Mesoamerican land and people, I apologize and point out that it was for Marvel RPG.



Real Name:  Ximena Mateo
Alias:             Tia Mateo
Type:             Human/Magic user
Age:               83
Affiliation:    n/a
Role:              Local Curandero
Status:          Mostly retired except for the occasional healing. She is keeping an eye on her young grand-nephew, in whom she senses new power.
Fighting:         Feeble (1)
Agility:            Poor (3)
Endurance:    Typical (5)
She’s 83 years old, fer goodness sakes! She leaves the adventuring part of adventures to the young (and stupid).
Reason:          Remarkable (26)
Intuition:        Amazing (46)
Psyche:           Amazing (46)

Health:           10
Karma:           700

Resources:      Good

Popularity:      10 (Within the local community, “Tia Mateo” is a formidable presence. Generally speaking, any ‘right raised’ kid from the area knows not to sass her and to leave her and hers alone).

Powers:           None


Mystic Background    This talent shows that the character has some background with magical forces. A character with this Talent may have Magical Powers, with the approval of the Judge.

Occult Lore                The character has made extensive studies into the area of occult happenings, including: unexplained events and mysteries of the world, hauntings, and other manifestations of the spirit world. He has a +2CS when researching or dealing with occult events.

Herbal Lore                +2CS7 to any healing

Ritual Magics             Reason FEAT to perform magical ceremonies. To do this you need knowledge of the ceremony (usually from a book), equipment, and time. Time is 1d20 times 2 = rounds of spell casting needed.
By combining specific chants and gestures, Tia can create magical effects of up to Monstrous Power8. Each power is treated as a Power Stunt that she can use easily:

  • Reflection
  • Astral Detection
  • Resistance to Magic
  • Magic Detection
  • Biophysical Control – Healing
  • Biophysical Control – Disruption
  • Hypnotic Control
  • Summoning
  • Sympathetic Magic
  • Dream Travel
  • Dream Manipulation
  • Divination

Dream Travel
The Hero can enter a surreal realm of dreams when they go to sleep, as opposed to “just a dream”. The basic form of this power acts as a sort of resistance to mental controls, detection and damage while the Hero is asleep.

Other’s Dreams
The Hero may enter other people’s dreams in order to communicate or in an attempt to control the dream itself.



Tia’s Purse
Monstrous level material. Has a permanent Dimensional Pocket cast on it. IF she can fit it through the opening, she can store it indefinitely.


Herb Woman Staff
Amazing level material. Seems to be carved of shiny wood. Symbol of her status as head magical boss around these parts. Adds an additional +2CS to any Herbal roll.



** Tellectin9 Huight – Huitzilopochtli’s Avatar **

 Real name:    Hught Roos Daischalainin
Alias:               Huitzilopochtli’s Own
:               Alien race (Tellectin)
Age:                 508
Affiliation:       n/a (anymore)
Role:                God
Status:             Pretty gosh-darn high up the food chain on Variant 1135
Fighting:          Excellent 16
Agility:             Remarkable 26
Strength:         Remarkable 26
Endurance:     Amazing 46
Reason:           Typical 5
Intuition:         Amazing 46
Psyche:            Incredible 36

Health:            Lots
Karma:           700

Resources:      Amazing 46
Popularity:      Amazing 46
Contacts          None other than amongst is worshipers & priests. Of course, there are LOTS of those.


Because of what has happened to him, these powers are dormant.
Dimensional Travel:                 Feeble
Extradimensional Detection: Typical 5
Imitation:                          Feeble 5
Linguistics:                       Typical 5

These are not, however.
True Invulnerability:      Amazing 46
Hypnotism:                      Excellent 16. But requires eye contact. Can mesmerize others, or even control their minds outright.
Heightened Senses:       Remarkable 26 – All five senses
Telepathy:                        Remarkable 26, Requires line of sight but is very potent.
Regeneration:                 Remarkable 26
Force Field:                      Remarkable 26, This is a personal force field which must be consciously activated. It is skin-tight and cannot encompass anyone else.


Hm. This looks to be getting longish. And I have no clear idea on whether y’all want to read further on this subject (beyond a certain few of you, that is).

Tell you what, if there is more interest in this particular subject then I will write follow ups to this post.
Characters we haven’t discussed yet (but whom I have stats and etc. for) include:

Ylla, the plasma generating felinoid from the Inner Zone.
The Power Puff Girls & Professor Utonium10
Zion, the 500 year old Irish vampire who hunts his own kind (he made a side trip to a vamp-controlled RIFTS Universe. That was ….messy).

Plus many, many more.
And this is just the Marvel Superhero Classic RPG.


Did I mention that I game?
I game a lot.



1 – As applicable.

2—I will attribute the images as I can. Some of them are from years ago, when I was much younger and stupider about downloading art from the internet. If you happen to know the artist, and I don’t have it, please feel free to let me know who they are. I will happily attribute.


4—More than a one-off, a full length, giant campaign that was intended to last over the course of months.

5—Although, to be fair, the lucha libre idea was inspired by one of my players.

6—Do not taunt Super Happy Time/Space Spinny Ball of Doom.

7—Column shift.

8Universal Table.

9—The Tellectin are a race of reptialian dimensional cops created by my good friend and fellow gamer, Kevin Lawhon (GO READ HIS BOOK, RIGHT NOW!) I’m sure he appreciates the times that I have taken all his creations and put them through the proverbial ringer.   😀

10—I mean, who doesn’t build their favorite cartoon characters into badass Marvel superheroes?

Title: Not Found

As some of you may know – I have been tabletop gaming for nigh on 30 years, now. Let us consider that. 30. Years.

I was going to just post an image of a walker, to give y’all the “aged Bon” impression. But, the image search results amused me to no end. So, I share. Because I am cool like that.

I have been in many groups over the years, but my favorite is the one I am in currently. We’ve been together1 for fifteen years, give or take. The membership has flexed a bit as we have gone along. People have moved (or divorced, please see footnotes) away for jobs, marriages, and school. However, the core has remained pretty solid. The same five or six people, getting together on at least a monthly basis, for fun and mayhem. And maybe a glass of wine or two.

Over the years, we have all taken turns with the GM responsibilities. All of us are freaking brilliant, btw. I mean that, without any artifice or false humility. Brilliant. Most of the players in this group are writers, of one stripe or another. All of us love the game, love building worlds and characters, stories and plots2. We live for the moment when we see the shocked look in our players’ eyes.  The look that tells us that the story grabbed them, taken them to a place that they never expected. Making someone cry because of what you have done to their character – happy tears, mind – is one of the better feelings you can have. It’s like watching someone experience the story you have written, as if it were real. I can only hope that this makes sense to the non-gamers out there.

ANYhoo. I tell you all this to relate an amusing anecdote.
My personal favorite GM within our group is a fella by the name of P. P is literally a gamer for a living. He makes and writes and helps put out into market video games. I am totes jelly.3 On top of all this, P has a voice and personality like Brian Blessed (if you don’t know who that is, shame on you) and Jim Carey (of Grinch fame) had  love child who was subsequently raised by Bill Hicks.

And poor P. He had to put up with all of us. Because we don’t – and I think are physically and mentally incapable –actually follow the plot as set down in a game. Even with a tasty, tasty set of plot hooks scattered before us, we generally wander off in a completely different direction.

ooh, look! Shiny plot hooks. Let’s go the other way!

Or, as has happened on a couple of different occasions, accidentally kill the NPC with the information that we need to complete the campaign.

We considered making these as T-Shirts to wear whilst GMing.

It got bad enough that one of the guys running our tank started to beg us to please “don’t touch ANYthing” or, as inevitably happened, when the explosions started, would scream “WHAT ARE YOU TOUCHING?!

Oh, nothing. Just the shiny button. The shiny, candy-like, red button.

I’m just sayin’ P.  That it wasn’t our fault. The button was too pretty.

pictured: Not our fault.

1 – Before you say anything about my choice of words, consider this: 15 years. I know of marriages (mine included) that have lasted for far less time.

2 – Yes, of COURSE those two are different things.

3 – I am allowed to say things like that because I have a 14-year-old daughter. My claim is that her vocabulary is influencing mine.

A Letter

As previously mentioned, I have been involved in a long standing Dungeons and Dragons game (2nd edition) game.  Recently, we were asked by New Player(s) and GM to flesh out the back story for our characters. Write a little fiction for it, if we want. I’ve started that process and I’ve got some really good ideas.
But, I had to start it off a bit differently. The Letter stands for both a peek into background and as an outline for the actual story. Should be fun to write. 🙂
–> As with any gaming back story or fan fiction or whatever, the setting et al belongs to its respective owners. Dragonlance, Krynn, etc. are from Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis and Dungeons and Dragons belongs to Wizards of the Coast.
Player characters mentioned belong to their own owners. Please refer to my copyright notice for the legal stuff.
A letter from Alanna to Minozh, given to him while camping for the evening.
   NOTE TO PLAYERS:  I’m sending it to all of you although if Minozh doesn’t choose to share it with you, pretend you don’t know about it.


Your wife, Eirell?
You know I love her but she really is kind of a meddler.

She asked me to write down my memoirs and give them to her. I mean no offense to her but that isn’t going to happen. Pretty personal request from a woman who used to think there was something going on between you and me. Don’t get me wrong. I understand her reasons: we may not come back from this one, after all. She wants to preserve what she can. Ex-Avatar of the Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge and all that.

But I just couldn’t do it. I mean, some of the things that I have done and seen – that I have absolutely NO regret about – well, she wouldn’t approve of them. At all.
Besides, if I mention the aconite she may excommunicate me. I can’t have that. I have business with her Deity. Pressing business.

So I came up with a compromise. I’m going to write things out in a letter to you. Because you’ve been there, done…things. Like I have. You will understand in a way that she cannot.

You can decide whether or not to give it to her. I trust your judgment.

Just promise that you will read it all the way to the end, first.

I lived on Krynn during what later became known as the Age of Despair. As the name implies, it wasn’t a fun time to be alive. I grew up in a city called Haven, in the nation of Abanasinia. Names that likely don’t mean much of anything, anymore. Last time I saw Krynn, it was rapidly becoming even more awful. I was glad to escape.

My earliest memory is from when I was about three, I think.  There is a woman I can only assume is my mother kneeling next to a hearth, stirring something in a pot over the fire. She is beautiful and gentle looking; dark haired like me. There are swords hung in sheaths over the mantel. In my head, this is a comforting scene. Much like a doll that you hold to keep the bad things away.

Although, thinking on it, you probably never had much use for dolls.
Heh. Or maybe you did.

The next thing I can recall is pain. Excruciating, encompassing pain. I know that you understand this. There are some kinds of pain that wipe out everything. This pain is all consuming, grinding the edges of reality off. I mean that literally. My next memory is from when I was begging on the streets of Haven at about five or six years old.

Yeah. I know. Two or three years just gone. I don’t know what happened during that time. I intend to find out, though. But, more on that in a bit. If I jump around, I won’t ever get this finished.

As I mentioned, I was living on the streets of Haven when I was five? Six? I have no real idea of how old I actually am. I think I am about thirty, now. Hard to say.

At any rate, I was running with a group of street urchins. You know the type – grimy beggars, steal anything not nailed down, perpetually hungry.  I’d wrap rags around my head to hide my ears and pretend to have a head injury. You won’t believe how much money you can con out of the average religious person with just the right lip quiver and almost crying while extending a dirty little paw. As a child, I had a high-pitched sweet voice (and if you tease me about this, I will ensure that you are herbally emasculated for a MONTH) and would pretend to be a bit simple in the head. I’d ask for money on the steps to the Seeker temple, claiming that my drunken father had hit me and now ‘I don’t think good no more.’ Worked like a charm almost every time. Simple, adorable child with sunken cheeks and a bloody head rag? What moral person wouldn’t give out a few coppers to assuage their own guilt at not taking me in and getting me off the street? I ran that con for years.

Backfired on me when I hit about nine or so, though.
One of the male Seekers was particularly generous. Even though the others avoided him, he had always been unfailingly nice to me; even when he saw through my ‘wounded sparrow’ bit.  Seeker Thurill just laughed and gave me extra coppers for candy.
Of course, I didn’t spend any of that on candy. No child of the street would. Bread lasted longer in the belly.

I’m not going to beat around the bush, here; this isn’t some fancy tale. This is my life. Seeker Thurill paid some men to kidnap me off the street for his own private amusements. The payment, once he tired of me for the evening, was to allow them to use me for their own pleasure. So long as he could watch, he felt that he was getting entertainment at a bargain.

I lived in that hell for I don’t know how long. A few days, I think. Maybe a week. Time sort of blurred together. It wasn’t long enough for them to completely break me, though. I do know that.

The very next thing I do recall clearly is this: one night, while one of the thugs was grunting away on top of me, an arrow appeared neatly in the side of his neck. He geysered blood like a fountain on Feastday.
I think only you would understand the exultation I felt seeing that. The sharp, hot glee!
I grabbed that arrow and twisted it as hard as I could. He toppled off of me like some greasy meat log and I sat up. The room was full of dead men. Seeker Thurill was pinned to the chair with over a dozen arrows. And standing in the corner of the room was a tall, shadowy figure.

I thought it was Death, come for me at last. And enough pissed off at what was happening that He was arranging a little burial entourage for me.

I ran over to that shadow and flung my arms around it, praising Death and thanking Him for the merciful release.

If a shadow can look surprised, this one did. It sank down to my level, pushed back its hood and became an elf. And he said, “How in the fuck did you see me?”

Thus was I introduced to the man who became my surrogate father and mentor, Quick.

I spent the next ten years or so, learning the assassination biz from Quick. Archery, locks, shadow stealth, climbing walls, poisons. I learned most of my trade from him. He was a fey fellow – never had a woman over, if you take my meaning – but was always a loving father and teacher to me. A part of me has to wonder if there wasn’t some sort of Deity involved with his finding me. He told me later that he’d been contracted to take out Seeker Thurill by ‘interested parties.’

Seems I wasn’t the first of the Seeker’s victims. Quick never did tell me what became of the other kids that bastard had used. But I did some digging and came up with this: not one the ‘interested parties’ that might or might not have contacted my mentor had any living children.

I hope that wherever that feuyaer’le wethrine wound up, it’s hideously painful.

Now. Before we get any further into this – and I can see already that it is going to be long – I want to set some facts down for you.

  • I have always had the tattoo on my back. I never “got” it, never went to an inker to have any work done. Further, it has grown with me over the years, never changing its general conformation even as I went from a wee child to a fully-grown adult. I’ve been told that it glows faintly of magic but no one can tell me what it does. The best people can do is guess that the ink used in it had magical properties. Further, not one sage I have ever consulted has been able to tell me what the damn thing means.
  • As I said, I am not sure exactly how old I am. I believe I am about thirty or so but I can’t say for sure. I have two plus years missing from my memory. I say “plus” because it could very well have been far more than that. I have some reasons – thanks to Minty, if you must know – to believe that there might be hundreds of years missing.
  • When I got that boon from the Warders of the planet we saved; the one that gave me the ability to shapeshift into a dragon? Something inside my soul ‘clicked’ into place. I don’t know how to express it better than that.  But I will tell you that it felt less of a Wish/Boon and more like an unlocking of something inside me.
  • I have been contacted by almost every god/dess of the elven pantheon of Alaus at least once. Including Hades and Aries. Most often by Arachne, however.
    Every time I land on the Moon, things get weird and I get a memo from one of the Higher Beings to come and have a chat. Weird, huh?
  • I managed to score a sizable hoard within one year of becoming dragonish by hunting down and killing a blue dragon.
    Most dragons take decades and decades to build their hoards.
    Also? Most of the unique items in the hoard have a familiar feeling to them. A déjà vu that is…well, downright freaky if you must know.
  • Right after the “Dragoning of Alanna”, I went away for a bit. Things were way too strange, for me. I mean, how would you feel if you grew up thinking of yourself as half-elven, defending it against naysayers from both sides of the pointy/round eared fence – only to have suspicions that you might have been a half-dragon all along?

That’s what I have been trying to get up the nerve to tell you. I might be a dragon from birth rather than boon, after all.

And if this doesn’t feel like Destined Pathway, well I’ll eat your hat. I think Athena’s up to her pointy chin on this, too. It seems Her style, don’t you think?

I have asked Her for the truth about everything but She says that I have “earn it.”

Which I am, honestly, fine with. I’d be helping either way. After Quick died, all of you became my family. You know it wasn’t too long after his murder that you showed up on Krynn.

You remember that Drow killed him, right? Murdered him for a failed assassination attempt by his father a hundred years before.

I tracked down the ones responsible for his death. It wasn’t easy and I won’t say that there aren’t scars on my body…but the ones who ordered his death ended in a nasty and painful way.

A slowly painful way.

After I made finally made it back to the surface is when I ran into you for the first time.
History, after that.

I don’t want this to devolve into mush or whatever.

Just know that I am going to help you, Eirell, Isabo and this place that has adopted me so readily.

Also? I kind of like the grumpy old dwarf.

Don’t tell him.

~Alanna d’Sila Tiri

I’quelin Mori’Quessier naa ba Mori’Quessir
[The best Drow is a dead Drow.]