Happy Father’s Day


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Hey Dad,
I know that we didn’t always get along. Our stubborn, stubborn tempers would clash and voices would be raised. We argued, or didn’t speak, or just passed small talk back and forth for a long time. In spite of all that, I never ever thought or belived for a moment that you didn’t love me. Sometimes, there wasn’t much like going around. But love was always there. We eventually reconciled, for which I am grateful.
I hope that you knew that as a wee tot, I idolized you. I pretty well thought you hung the moon, standing on a step-ladder and laughing that big laugh of yours. Nobody knew as many jokes as you. Nobody was as giving or as willing to help anyone through a rough spot. Nobody could listen as well you.
You had faults – like all of us. Humans, eh? We are what we are. Still. You were a pretty good egg.
I guess I just wanted to say that I still miss you. That I wish you were here, to see The Girl growing up, to see the Twinlings and the Bear. I wish that I could sit and chat with you about things, again.
I wish I could hear you laugh.

I love you,



I am driving up to DFW, today. Right after my daughter gets out of school, as a matter of fact. I am both looking forward to this trip and dreading it.

For the next 150+ miles, everything will be flat and boring. Fortunately, I have PLENTY of road construction to keep you occupied. Yay!



For one, I hate that drive. I-35 may be a convenient straight-shot, but it is an ugly, boring route.







Also, I will be helping Mom pack for her upcoming (surprise!) move. She sold her house – much to her chagrin. I asked her why she had put her house on the market if she didn’t actually want to move. She said that she had done so before really looking at the places she wanted to live. Her original intention was to move closer to my brother and his family. They have new twins to go along with their five-year-old boy. They live out north of Dallas, in the Plano-Carrollton area. Upon looking, she discovered that the For-Sale Housing market is made of $pendy right now, esp. in that area. But her house sold before she made that revelation.
Apparently, you cannot back out of a sale once you’ve signed the contract. I laughed a little when she told me that. She sounded so exasperated.
Poor Mom. She has to be out by end of December. Thank goodness she has a place to go – the house that she had been renting out is between tenants right now. As a bonus, I prefer the neighborhood that it is in.

There are about a million things to pack. Carefully pack. Dishes, paintings and pictures, books and tchotchkes galore. Detritus from her three now-grown children, her recently passed husband and mother.

Even though packing up everything will be depressing, I feel that this is a good move for Mom. This is the house Mom & Dad picked out to live his retirement. It is where Dad suddenly finished his life. It is the house where she had the news that her mother was passing. It will be good for her to be in a place without so many sad memories.

Of course, opinions are like…well, you know the phrase. Mom is more irritated than woebegone. The place she will be living in is farther from where she works; and much farther from her new grandbabies. Plus, she doesn’t really like that house.

Maybe we will go house-hunting while I am there?