Serial Horror StoryX2


The grip tightened but not hurtfully so.
She winced. More out of habit than pain.
She remained as still as she could be.
“Can …” she coughed lightly. “Can I help you?”

There was a pause.

Finally a sibilant voice responded, ” ….are you not afraid?”

“Oh I am.
….what makes you think that makes a difference?”

Good Help

I was recently (today, as a matter of fact!) pointed to a fellow writer blog, I Saw Lightning Fall. I HIGHLY reccomend that you wander over there and take a gander. Make sure your chair is comfy and you’ve a tasty snack or beverage to hand. I suspect you will be spending a lot time there.
So. Many. Stories.  🙂

Anywho, I Saw Lightning Fall  is collecting dark Christmas stories. I was intrigued and definitely wanted to play!  The rules were pretty simple:  creepy content, 100 words exactly.  Below is my submission.  I hope you (and ISLF) like it.



Good Help

“Is everything ready?” Clinking noises accompanied his words.

“Yes, sir.” I hoped he couldn’t see my hands shake. He didn’t like it when his servants were visibly frightened. He required serenity for his work, he said. I smoothed down the white fabric of the robe I wore. Eldritch patterns glimmered faint green along the hem and neckline.

“Now, Ms. Gardner. Let us begin.” He began to chant, his powerful, deep voice booming against the icy cavern walls, opening the Ways. I tilted my head back, as per instructions, stretching my hands up.

At the proper moment, I pierced his heart.

Tomorrow Gets a Full Blog Post

Tonight, though?

I am watching horror movies and thinking to myself, “When was the demarcation of stupid?”
Seriously?  You’re being hunted by a savage killer…so you shine your flashlight around all “Here I am! <for the quote,11.14>”

Anyhoo… See you kids tomorrow with an actual blog post.

Love and kisses,

If you have never watched “Zorro the Gay Blade”, then I pity and shame you.  Seriously good fun.  And REALLY terrible accents.