Lizard Queen

What’s best in life?
Crush your coffee beans, see them drowned in water, and to hear the gurgling of the coffeepot.


I can tell that autumn has finally arrived.

It isn’t the changing leaves (please, this is Central Texas. The only time leaves change colors is when we spray paint them). It isn’t the arrival of orange/yellow/brown “decorations”in the seasonal aisle of our HEB. It isn’t even pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.

pumpkin spice

No. I can tell because this is the time of year when Mister Man insists that all the windows be open. He says that we only get six weeks total of acceptable weather – three in the spring and three in the fall. While he may be right about the weather, I spend those six weeks shivering in my own home. To be fair, he didn’t know I was a Lizard Person until after he moved in. But, still.

Y’all, it was 44 degrees this morning. FORTY FOUR. And every damn window in the place was chocked open, to let in the “fresh air.”

Fresh air, FFS.

Please bring blankets, as the floor is cold, too.

I have spent the last several days huddled under blankets, wearing sweaters and thermals and thick socks. Although, it is a little hard to type while swaddled up like a baby-burrito. But, my players need me to finish the Talislanta/DnD crossover game. I’d like to finish it because it will make a great story.

I peeled them off so you could see what I consider an acceptable layer of blankets.
I peeled them off so you could see what I consider an acceptable amount of blankets.


But I have to emerge from my warmliness-cocoon sometimes. Nachos and coffee don’t make themselves, you know.

mmm. Nachos. /hellboy
The amount of BTUs lost during the making of the nachos was staggering. Or shivering. …whatever.


For now, I must return to my work.
However, this evening is all about Machiavellianism and NPCs and meta-meta arcs.

Moo ha ha ha.
Moo ha ha ha.

And if you think I am giggling quietly to myself, you are quite wrong.

It’s more of a sinister chuckle, really.


I should really get a fluffy white cat to stroke while I plot.



1 – I use the word loosely.

Tomorrow Gets a Full Blog Post

Tonight, though?

I am watching horror movies and thinking to myself, “When was the demarcation of stupid?”
Seriously?  You’re being hunted by a savage killer…so you shine your flashlight around all “Here I am! <for the quote,11.14>”

Anyhoo… See you kids tomorrow with an actual blog post.

Love and kisses,

If you have never watched “Zorro the Gay Blade”, then I pity and shame you.  Seriously good fun.  And REALLY terrible accents.


Pure, unadulterated evil.
Pure, unadulterated evil.

The Girl:  Moooooooooom!  Come help me decide what video game to play.
ME:  Ugh! Why can’t you make up your own mind about this sort of stuff?
TG:  Well, if I play too scary of a game, I will be up all night. But, the other ones are boring.
ME:  Here. Try Max Payne. You get to be a hit man.
TG:  Like an assassin, eh? I’ve done that.
ME:  Pfft, like when?
TG:  *sinister, quiet whisper*  Mister Man hired me.
ME: 0_o



* – I’ve never been more proud.