om nom nom nom nom….

I woke up chew-my-own-arm off hungry this morning. Probably because I ate right before going to bed. Either way, I didn’t have time til just now to actually eat. Hungries had reached to point of “mmm, car paint – that’s probably tasty!”

To Do for Today, non-work related

-> Take “before” pictures and get them posted (probably happening tonight)
-> Finish pile of Girl’s laundry
-> Fold & put away the clean (still waiting to find out if the ‘at gunpoint’ trick worked for takhisis)
-> Plan next week’s menu & post it (again, tonight)
-> Sweep/mop/de-cat hairball the floors
-> bathe the kitties (I picture me doing this in a mesh hazmat suit and chuckling evilly)*
-> Start the passport proceedings
-> play *hours* of CoH — its butt-whomping night!
-> strip the beds
-> master bath

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