Orlando vs. Orlando: Divorcing the Literature from the Film

One of the final assignments for my Critical Theory Literature class was a compare and contrast of Orlando the Virginia Woolf story and Orlando the movie based on it. Six hundred to one thousand words about how they stack up to one another. Easy peasy, eh?


Let me just say, right up front, that I loved both. …

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Dearest My Friend’s List

So. Paranormal Activity. I am going to see it this weekend. Wanna make it a group grope activity? I say – from experience – that spooky ass movies are ALWAYS better with a large group of friends. And if we can see it at the Alamo – with some vino and munchies – even better, says I.

I have some gaming and a test or two to participate in this weekend. Not to mention said studying for them. I am trying to get a feel for what ya’ll time schedules are like so that we can maybe match up.

What do you say? Sounds fun, don’t it?

PS -> Alamo has it playing all weekend long, so flexible within movie show times.