I love the smell of Murphy’s Law in the morning…

Smells like, “ouch! gorramit!”

This morning has been pretty slapstick. So far:

Monthly proof of femininty has arrived. Joy and trumpets.
Mom called to postpone vacation things
As I was on the way to the phone, I stubbed my toe
Which caused me to drop my coffee cup
Fortunately, it did not break
But I DID slop coffee (with raw turbinado sugar in it) all over the cabinet and floor
Which KittenFace promptly tracked through


Mom talked to
Kittenface toes cleansed
Floor and cabinet wiped down
*my* toe is fine, thank goodness it was on the opposite foot of brokeToe
Meds taken
New coffee poured

I am not going to let this small comedy of errors get to me. I am on Day Five of No Smoking and all in all, in a pretty darn good mood. I will just go out (virtually) with my assault rifle and take down a platoon or three of synthetic life forms in Mass Effect.
*That* should take care of any lingering aggression.

Jesus Razorbladed Christ — gonna be a busy weekend

Tonight 6 PM to 8.30ish — Trick or Treating with the Girlie; all bow down and fear the Red Sorceress, providing she doesn’t giggle and ruin the effect

8.30 – 9.00 — I will have dropped off Girlie and returned to my house. All who are commuting dowtown with me, that’s where we shall meet. COSTUME!!!

Oh, yeah. Do any of you guys have any of the following (and can get it to me, say today/tonight?):
pretty pretty hair chopsticks
Scary looking dagger and sheath? Fake, please. Don’t want to fuss with the APD.

9.30 til they throw our asses out — 6th Street and Halloween Ball at Elysium

Saturday during daylight hours – Furniture and plant moving, HUT!

Saturday 8.00 – 9something PM — Cool Ex-Boss’s Halloween party

Saturday 9ish on — possibly going to another party after, but I honest to Rudy cannot recall where.

Sunday noonish until 7 or so — NB game. Don’t hurt me, Rob. There’s a bribe involved; wiiiiiiiiiiiiith CHOCOLATE!

Sunday 9.30 – late — Elysium 80’s night and Final Night of Dance with BBFF. *sniffle* Soap and Limoncello shots for all my men!