In which we are plotting for the week/end

First and foremost, thanks to everyone yesterday for the well-wishes/advice/tips. I appreciate them all.
Second, the weekend plans looks summat like dis:

>WED — going to either Hideout or Warehouse. I’ve never been to the latter so if I am to go, I would need a guide and directions. There is also the dimmest of possibilities that I could go to Elysium as its free & retro-goth night. Which is always good.
THURS — staying in/house cleaning (whoo-hoo, just a crazy party lady I am!)
>FRI — staying in/maybe getting some friends over for cards & cocktails
>SAT — was going to go to Carnivale but the tickets are $35 *each*, with the festivities ending at/around 1:30 AM. Plus, parking is atrocious around the Event Center. I will most likely be going to Elysium as that seems to be the consensus amongst the friend types.
However, I had also thought about heading into DFW and hitting the Church but a.) haven’t been there in a long while and b.) ….something. I guess it IS still under consideration. Anyone up for a road trip back to my old stomping grounds?


Mare: hey, guess what?
Tam: what?
Mare: my sinuses squeak when i suck through my nose
Mare: I’d say “breathe” but that would be a misnomer.
Tam: oo!
Mare: *squeaker squeak squeaken*


Home grown meme

A question popped into my head this morning. What are your LJ filters? Are they public/friends by invite/private? What is your readership there? I know that some of you guys have only 2 filters that you use – Public and Friends Only. Sooo…is that a choice or just not wanting to mess with it?

For me:

FRIENDS — public
STORIES — invite ; Works in progress, notes, plot brainstorm, character descriptions, etc for stories that I am writing.
BOOKS TO READ — private (personal list of books i want to read, as seen here on el-jay)
101 in 1001 — this is mostly to do the challenge
HEALTH — invite ; where I am tracking my workouts/eating/thoughts on this sort of stuff.

What are YOURS?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Its brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Slept pretty good last night, given worry over the ‘kins and the fact that we are currently sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor. Bed *should* arrive today so that should expedite the whole sleeping through the night thing. I’m not exactly sure how they are going to get the damn thing into my room – the available space is a narrow aisle between stacks of boxes.

Today’s To-Do o’Dooooooooooooom

Clear out the living area
>> put away the things that are going to stay
>> load stuff that isn’t into car
—> The Girl’s extra toys/the art box, etc.
>> drive said stuff over to J/A’s
Take the damn TWC stuff back to their office so that they don’t charge me for them
Re-arrange stuff in room so that bed has place to go
Put TV/DVD player on top of dresser
Vacuum the floor where the bed is going to go
Pack the current shelf contents into boxes
Clean windows sills and windows
Pull down current curtains and blinds
Replace with my own

Hee-oooge List of Things I Would Like to Accomplish in The Next Couple of Months

Have a garage sale, selling all the stuff that I no longer want/need
Replace the furniture w/quality pieces that I can pass on to the Girl
Start an exercise program that includes yoga and *gasp!* running
Pay down or off all the crap on my credit score
Take the 12 hours of CEU’s for my massage license
Pay the licensure fee by December
Build a small clientèle of massage clients for weekend work
>> find willing practice bodies
Purchase a quality massage table or arrange to find a place to work that has one
>> maybe spa work to start?
Get the Girl and I involved in a martial arts program
>> maybe akido or capoeira?
Start school (me) this Spring
Organize my/our rooms