A Tiny Update and a Bit of a Poll

GM Supplies --> Coffee? Check. Dice? Check. Evil Laugh? Check. Nefarious Plans? Check.

Yesterday, I posted a smidgen of flavor text from an RPG module I had written. Would more of that module be something that you kids would continue to be interested in? Because, believe me, there is quite a bit of Retribution – NPC information (stats and backstory), game paths, outlines, the doom of man – the works. I will be more than happy to share it with you guys. While the setting is not mine – Talislanta belongs to Stephan Michael Sechi and P.D. Breeding Black – the information in the module *IS* mine.

Let a GM know. 🙂

In the meantime, I am also writing up a new campaign (same system) for a current group. They’re enjoying it and so am I.

The difficulty is that I am blending game two very different systems:  Talislanta 4th ed. and DnD 2nd ed., to be precise. (Some of my readers are going to look at that sentence and be extremely confused.) At any rate, the blending is…well, interesting. Essentially, I am running two games in one setting. I will continue to hammer on the mechanics of this over the weekend. Because otherwise, my brain might explode.

In other exciting GM news, I found a new-to-me site yesterday:  Gnome Stew.    Holy cow!  Not only is the name and graphic awesome, but check this! It’s an entire website dedicated to helping out game masters.  They have tools that make scaring PCs  game play efficient and fun. I found templates, blogs, product reviews of things I didn’t even know were out there. Did I mention awesome?

*does a shuffling GM-Dance of Joy*

On the home-front, I think The Girl has given me her cold. I am not best pleased about this but, eh. What can you do? Even when they are teens, your kid sometimes just needs to snuggle against Mom for comfort.