Bonus Post: Endorphin Is Your Friend, Mmmmkay?

Sometimes, sadness just whaps you upside the head. And then you gotta remember something very import.



Yes, you. You are so stupendously awesome; I just don’t even know where to begin.

Don’t let your brain tell you things that aren’t true. The next time it gets up to its stupid shenanigans? Strap on a pair of running shoes and head out the front door. Between the sweating and the huffing and the puffing, you won’t have time to really mull over just how you’ve fucked up everyone’s life.

Plus, about minute 15 or so? Something magical happens.

Oh, baby baby. Talk peptides to me.

Seriously. Trust me on this one. Your brain is a bitch. But, she’s a bitch with access to all the really good stuff.  Promise.

For me, I find the added bonus of training to not get eaten by zombies major fun. That’s me, though. I run with Zombies! Run5K trainer.

Tonight we had the following stats and music:

Distance: 2.64 mi
Duration: 43:09
Average Speed: 3.75 mi/h
Average Pace: 15:59 min/mi