Inner Peace

Recently, we have been super busy in my household.

Searching, applying, resume updating, making up new ways to say the same crap in cover letters.
+++But,  I have an interview today, so maybe it will all be worth it?

Meetings, scrambling for money, paperwork, more meetings, registering the Girl for summer school.
+++But, she is registered for Geometry and will be passing onto 10th grade with the rest of her class.


I am sitting -right this VERY minute- writing this, while petroleum jelly and hair dye ooze down my neck. Why?  Because my hair is (err, was) a mixture of silver (natural, yay?), blue and purple (oh so NOT natural). I’m pretty sure that interviews should not be conducted with Festival hair. Especially interviews for Big Company.

For now, I am going to enjoy the coffee. And the sunrise.



Wait, what?

Suddenly, I am up to my eyeballs with last minute re-negotiations with my school’s  Financial Aid office.

Bombs, away! Take that you dirty delicate plans!

I now have a small mountain of paperwork – that must get done right now or DOOOOM to my classes will happen.

I presume you have those forms filled out in TRIPLICATE?


So, HOW many of these do I need to leap through?

I don’t mind doing it, really. I do mind the wait-to-the-last-minuteness of it. Oh, yes I do.  I also kind of minded the snarkily superior tone of the person I spoke with on the phone.


I will go forth, fill out whatever is required, do whatever it is I need to do to get things taken care of. Because that is what one does, as an adult.

One day, and hopefully that day is soon, I will be done with all this nonsense. And it will be glorious.

For now, we just need to set our phasers to slog

It’s debt, Jim. But not as we know it.