Please…Halp. /leeloo

I need ideas, people. I am off from classes until July 8th – at which time I am back to a M-F, noon ’til two schedule.
So, time off, yay! Which is good and groovy and all. But, I need some cash in-flow in like, the worst way. I would *rather* not do the fast food/waitress thing. And I don’t want to start a real gig until I actually graduate due to not being able to be there during the day for various school-related reasons. (Oh, and y’all? This summer semester, and next fall semester and I. Am. Done.) I would like to do something that is vaguely related to the degree I am working on, if only because I’d like some current work history that I can use for nefarious job seeking purposes later.

My almost-MIL had suggested doing copy edit work on a consultant or contractual basis. That sounds lovely, but I am unsure how to start looking for that type of work. Plus, I am not sure if my resume is up to snuff.

Help me, Obi-webs. You’re my only hope.

Tornado Weather

She’s kneeling in the brackish odor
Of the garden mums.
Red-orange heads nod sage
Advice of acceptance and weathering.
Her overlarge sunglasses now tilted
Atop her head, lenses reflecting
Curdled gray clouds.
Under her knees, discarded weeds bleed
The same bruised green the sky
Has become.
A shriek and a clatter
Comes from behind where the house looms
Against the darkening day.
A rising wail of newly dead leaves
Sweeps sweated-matted hair
Tugs defeat puddled hands.
She hopes the sirens sound soon.
The waiting is the worst part.