I’m speaking to YOU, DFW types….

Don’t throw those old clothes away!
Don’t give them to a faceless organization!

We want your old clothes, your old shoes, funky jewelry. We will take them off your hands and find them fabulous new homes. As an added bonus, all the proceeds from your donations will go towards finding a cure for breast cancer.
To find out how YOU can help, email us at:

You can also reach me at my email address, gamer_geek_grrl@yahoo.com

I will be in DFW to visit the HomePlace in a couple of weeks (likely either the Thursday the 13th OR Saturday the 15th). If you have clothes, items, dollars, whatever to donate, email me and I will come and get them from you.

What is all this for, you may ask. Why am is she taking all these clothing donations?

Glad you asked…

Susan G. Komen & the 3-Day for the Cure
Clothing Sale for the Cure

DATE: May 22nd, from 10 AM to 4 PM re-negotiating
WHERE: The Vortex, Austin Texas

There will be woman’s clothing, shoes and accessories, local artists, a mammogram information table, and burlesque dancing.

a few things on the radar

Just wanted to remind myself (and ya’ll) that there are Things upcoming.

Don’t forget about the woman’s Clothing Sale for the Cure at the Vortex [May 22, 2010], in gorgeous Austin. Donations are coming from all over so there is going to be a fantabulous selection of clothes to buy. New things to wear that don’t cost a bajillion dollars AND the proceeds go towards eradicating breast cancer? DUDE, be there! Additionally, if you have clothing you want to donate, absolutely let me know.


In the final couple weeks of school – as I mentioned previously – and counting down my final projects and such. Taking volunteers to help me study for the final(s) in chemistry and medical terminology and Spanish. Promises of food and pettins for those who do! Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


Also, on the walking front — I will be going to Town Lake to do some walking every Saturday morning. I am not sure on the time as I would like for a group of us to go together and want to know your preferences so am asking right now (via this hideously long, run on sentence) when you want.


And to top things off, I am going to be starting the packing process in the next week or so to get a jump on it. Mostly just the things like pictures, tchotchkes, books I’ve already read, and the like.

Speaking of which — here is your relationship PSA for the day: If you are planning on moving very soon, and you buy book(s), your SO will give you a dirty look.

I am not sure why, but this is apparently considered “normal”. Even a reasonable, “but its…BOOKS, man” will only earn you a hard stare and long suffering sigh.

So. There you go. Glad to have helped.


Oh, yeah! Plans ALSO proceed apace for the orbital mind control laser platform Spaghetti Dinner and Car Wash.
Um, those are two separate events, btw. I think, because I am moving out of town, that I may well ask someone to host the first for me. I will definitely be the one cooking and all but I think it would be better attended IN Austin. *ponders*

The Car Wash — well, I definitely need to look into space where that can happen, although I am sure that can be easily found. Also, I will need some car wash volunteers. *even more pondering*

Pinky & the Brain, Warner Bros property, etc. etc.

Have you got woman’s apparel, shoes, funky jewelry, belts that you want to get rid of? Let us take them as a donation towards ending breast cancer!

Your clothes and items will be donated to a fund-raising event for the
Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.

To find out how you can help, please email us at: austin_susangkomen_fundraiser@yahoo.com

More information about the 3-Day for the Cure, breast cancer, and what the Susan G. Komen Foundation does can be found at: http://www.the3day.org/

For a straight donation (and to sponsor me on my 60-mile walk this November) go to –> CLICK ME to DONATE to BON


On May 22, there will be an amazing Clothing Sale Event with woman’s apparel, shoes, accessories and things from local artists. There will also be a mammogram information table, and burlesque dancing.

This will all be happening at The Vortex, which is just a nifty space. !PLUS! Local repertory company = WIN.