End of the Empire…

“Monkeys do too!”
“On the fucking floor! You got bananas? You Charlton? You got bananas?”

Needed some Izzard after this morning’s commute into work.

Things were pretty good up 183 and Anderson Mill, crowded but sane(ish). However, as soon as I turned onto 620, I found out that was where they were (apparently) storing the imbeciles today. Stacks and stacks of people with nothing better to do than pick their nose and sit in long queues of vehicles. Or swerve suddenly from one lane to another. Then back again, into the same spot they had just vacated – for no reason at all.
Jesus bleeding bald-headed Christ…Seriously, if you are so lacking in skills that you do not know that the little stick on the left side of the steering wheel is a turn indicator (what we colloquially call a “blinker”) then you should Not. Be. On. The Highway. Plus, those signs? The ones with the “Speed Limit” generally followed by a number? Yeah, on the highway you should be trying to maintain at least somewhat near that speed. If not, get the fuckety-fuck out of the way.

It took me fifteen minutes to get from The Girl’s school (near the Parmer/McNeil area) to where Anderson Mill turns onto 620. It took me another twenty minutes to get from 620 down to 2222. Basically, my normally 30 minute (tops!) commute went for 40 minutes today. I know that ten extra minutes aren’t that much in the scheme of life. But I spent them sitting behind idiots and I will never get them back. *grumbles*