Follow the bouncing thumb….

Last night was an adventure in…well, something.
I would personally like to thank all the people who remembered to smoke their crack before driving yesterday. You all had been driving so well, so courteously just recently. I gotta admit that it was starting to freak me out. It was almost refreshing to see the ass-clownery in action again. You swerved lanes, you cut people off, you sped up to get around me just so you could slam on your brakes in front of me. Later, you sat in a departing queue to have your circle jerk and prayer meeting while people behind you watched their fuel gauges dip lower and lower. Gosh darnit, it brought a tear to my eye. However, this does mean that there will be no ice cream.

We took the Girlie to see Beauty and the Beast performed at the Hillside Theater (Zilker Park) last night. She had requested a “real picnic with real picnic food” (ie, sandwiches, chips, pickles, etc.) so we took all that as well. I would recommend taking any kid to an outdoor theater if they can. The show was pretty good, for what it was. The costumes were hit and miss; some of them looked like they had been made behind scenes five minutes before they had to be onstage. The set was tiny and poorly managed*. It was (at best) mediocre-ly acted. However, it was amazingly sung. The dancing was fabulous. And, the actors/chorus were obviously having fun and the audience (esp. the kids) had a blast. The guy playing “Gaston” really stood out as extra fantastic. He had the absolutely best swaggering walk, bicep-kissing, what-a-catch-I-am attitude.

Item of note: outdoor theater in Texas in (almost) August = bad idea. It was 101 degrees when we got there**. Isn’t that what crockpots cook meals at? The heat *did* break around 930. I think it dropped to at least 90, woot!) However, the humidity went waaaaaaaay up. With the moist, warm air redolent of the crowd of sweaty people, it was like being breathed on by a hobo. Also, people at an outdoor theater have little to no boundary respect. “Yes, asshole. I put that blanket on the ground for you to stomp in the middle of it and let your dog with muddy paws run over it, as well. Thank you SO much, dickcheese.”

Other item of note….aLOT of the orchestral music in B/B sounds suspiciously like music from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Enough that as we were leaving, the Tam and I were singing snippets from the RHPS soundtrack.

If you can imagine austingoddess and I singing Riff-Raff’s part, then you have a view into hilarity:

The darkness must go down the river of nights dreaming
Flow morphia slow, let the sun and light come streaming
Into my life, into my life.

What with everything, I think I got the Girlie home and in bed by midnight-thirty. I am *exhausted* today. She? She is a perky and fresh little daisy. Happy birthday, Girliekins. I hope you fully enjoy your final year as a single-digit.

* – In their defense, they were trying to pull off a big-budget, big set-piece, big theater production in free outdoor theater. It could be done, I suppose. I doubt it, though.

** – I especially felt for the guy playing “Beast”. He was covered in fur and makeup. And then later – fur, makeup AND a Prince Charming suit. With thigh-high leather boots. Twenty-to-one he spends at least part of his free time with a ball gag and a look of worship in his eyes.