Pure, unadulterated evil.
Pure, unadulterated evil.

The Girl:  Moooooooooom!  Come help me decide what video game to play.
ME:  Ugh! Why can’t you make up your own mind about this sort of stuff?
TG:  Well, if I play too scary of a game, I will be up all night. But, the other ones are boring.
ME:  Here. Try Max Payne. You get to be a hit man.
TG:  Like an assassin, eh? I’ve done that.
ME:  Pfft, like when?
TG:  *sinister, quiet whisper*  Mister Man hired me.
ME: 0_o



* – I’ve never been more proud.

So far, my day has been very amusing

In a discussion of going to see GotG, the Girl was trying to figure out who to take with us. She mentioned several kids that had been here at her birthday party and that she would be terribly excited to see them again. To which I said, “We’re getting the band back together.”

To which *she* said, “…Uh, what?”

 She missed a Blues Brothers reference.

I am so ashamed.



LOL.  Alright, in continuing the above conversation the Girl also said that I sometimes terrify her friends. I was all like, but I’m super nice!  And way friendly!  And things.

She rolled her eyes and replied that while that was all true, it didn’t change the fact that they were a little scared of me.

Which sidetracked us into a ten minute spiral of bad puns.

Genghis Bon– ancient warlord

Check out my resting bitch face

Bon Noonien Singh — modern warlord


Evil AND devilishly handsome

the Anvil of Mom– great battle song

Mawm — caped demonesque hero

REALLY sucks to be you, right now

Tae Bon Do — martial art style



She made me stop after that. 

Inner Peace

Recently, we have been super busy in my household.

Searching, applying, resume updating, making up new ways to say the same crap in cover letters.
+++But,  I have an interview today, so maybe it will all be worth it?

Meetings, scrambling for money, paperwork, more meetings, registering the Girl for summer school.
+++But, she is registered for Geometry and will be passing onto 10th grade with the rest of her class.


I am sitting -right this VERY minute- writing this, while petroleum jelly and hair dye ooze down my neck. Why?  Because my hair is (err, was) a mixture of silver (natural, yay?), blue and purple (oh so NOT natural). I’m pretty sure that interviews should not be conducted with Festival hair. Especially interviews for Big Company.

For now, I am going to enjoy the coffee. And the sunrise.