A du jour post in bullet point

Because I apparently have the Hemmingways this morning.

Children are nasty. Water is wet. Air is invisible.

Not nearly enough sleep last night. My own fault as I Marpled until almost 1.30 AM.

I realized that I am five classes away from program completion. US History II. Spanish II. Speech III. US Government. World Lit. That’s it. In theory, I could be done with this bit in a semester or two.

I *really* should call the oral surgeon. :/ Infection will come back if I don’t get the root problem taken care of.

….Root problem! hahahahahaha!
I slay me.

Just remembered that I have a leftover carne guisada enchilada. Sounds like breakfast to me.

There is going to be a garage sale an EPIC garage sale at my house on the 26th. Everything is sorted and ready to go because I am awesome like that. I have beelyuns and beelyuns of clothings to sell. Whatever I don’t sell, I will be donating to Safe Place.

PLEH. I have to read “Death of a Salesman”, “Oedipus the King” and a slew of poetry this week. I really hate most poetry. I grok why some people love it. It just isn’t my thing.

I have almost talked Mister Man into a pool. It would have to wait until after he graduates, of course. But, still. Pool. POOOOOOL.

That is all I have the bandwidth to recall. Must go shower and get day started. Yay, studying for History exam!

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Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

I am in a surprisingly good mood, given the back pain & snot-cement in my head. Oh, and the overwhelming sense of dooooom that I feel pending my almost-in-laws arrival next week. We’ve been in the house since, what? May? Yeah. Still don’t have the damn artwork on the walls. Plus, I realized that my holiday decorations consist of a bunch of teeny little blue balls.

“Other than that, I’m PERfect!” /weirdscience

Heh. Mister Man and I are planning on acquiring a phallic symbol (tree!) and hanging those balls on it this evening. Perhaps we will acquire more balls.

Yesterday was given over to the Baking Gods. I made four (double batches) of different kinds of Chex Mix. (I’m not sure that sentence is structured properly but am having some difficulty caring, right this moment. I will likely care later.) That’s Original, Muddy Buddies, Chili Garlic, and Chocolate Toffee (my own recipe). Later this evening, I am planning on the cookie end of the baking spectrum while we decorate the tree. Probably classics -> chocolate chip, peanut butter and sugar-spice.

I also need to plan a menu/buy the groceries for the AILs visit. I am thinking of taking them out to eat for dinner the day they arrive.
They have a tradition of fondue & drinks on the Eve…so maybe queso, crudites tray, spinach dip and suchlike? I definitely want to serve champagne cocktails. (Mostly because I found that neat-O site! Champagne cocktails by *color*, can you dig it?) Probably Texas style smoked brisket, steamed asparagus, and smashed new potatoes for $holiday! dinner things. *ponders some more* Waffles or omelets for breakfast on that morning? Oh, wait. I have an idea. I’ll make cranberry-orange muffins this weekend & freeze them. Then I can pop them in the oven and make bacon.
Can y’all think of anything else? I don’t want to spend their entire visit in the kitchen, so anything make ahead is muy bueno.

Currently, I am at the shop today, earning my $winterholiday! dollars. Swing on by and say Howdy! if you are in the area. Or, you know, drive out of your way and say hello. I’m good with either.

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