Pure, unadulterated evil.
Pure, unadulterated evil.

The Girl:  Moooooooooom!  Come help me decide what video game to play.
ME:  Ugh! Why can’t you make up your own mind about this sort of stuff?
TG:  Well, if I play too scary of a game, I will be up all night. But, the other ones are boring.
ME:  Here. Try Max Payne. You get to be a hit man.
TG:  Like an assassin, eh? I’ve done that.
ME:  Pfft, like when?
TG:  *sinister, quiet whisper*  Mister Man hired me.
ME: 0_o



* – I’ve never been more proud.

Happy Longest Day of the Year

For those what celebrate it, happiest of solstices to you.


Even if you don’t, just look at that sunrise! Look at it!!
















I am hanging out today with a friend. We plan to go shopping, and then put together a gloriously fancy chicken dinner. Then, we shall play Skylanders until our thumbs stop working.
All in all, a good day shall be had.