Bitch, Whine, Piss and Moan

I am working as a clerical worker today *feh* and *blarg* I guess I should be happy to have a full time job with the economy/job market as crappy as it is but – JESUS! I hate this kind of &(%*$#^^^%#$&*(#&$*^&#%^Q&& filth & foul and *$(#)&%#()&)( I’m a tech writer not a go&(*^&($#&*$&#&(&)&*$^&(^$#*^$(#)
*pant, pant, pant*

Ok….feeling much better now. My boss has me calling people to make sure they still work for our company. It’s important for a variety of reasons but mostly because we are trying to set up User IDs. It doesn’t make it suck any less tho. I despise and loathe this type of clerical busy work.
At any rate….
Haven’t slept in days and days. Too stressed out and worried about everything going on I suspect. Finallly gave in and took a sleeping aid last night. Woke up all groggy and not wanting to get up. But, at least I’ve got that chemical spillover headache to distract me from the groggieness.
I think I am too pissy to really write well today.
Maybe more later when I am done with my “work” and feel less foggy…

3 thoughts on “Bitch, Whine, Piss and Moan

  1. I was doing admin/clerical work until I got laid off earlier this month. Since I have a degree, I was annoyed at the fact that so many people thought I was an idiot just because of the position that I had. The work was also mind-numbing, boring, insulting to my intelligence, plus the pay REALLY sucked, so I wasn’t too upset to have to sit at home and collect unemployment.

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