Divine vs Vile

I finally started the Talislanta campaign. Everyone seemed to enjoy it; no one looked bored at any rate. I felt like I could’ve done better but, I am pretty sure that that is more a reaction of nerves than anything else. At least, I didn’t kill any of the PCs right off the bat. (Although it got a bit iffy there for a moment — Who knew swarming scorpions could get that deadly!) I keep forgetting just how lethal the setting is. And just how truly squishy the characters are. Oh, well. They didn’t die. 🙂
I am looking forward to the time when they run into the other stuff/bad guys that I have planned.

I’d originally written this particular campaign for DnD 2nd edit (for Land of Fate/Al Quadim) Which should give most gamers a pretty good idea of how long it took me to work up my nerves to actually *run* a game like this. Converting it to the Talislanta milieu was a stone *bitch*. Every-freaking-thing in Tal is either purple, green, lizard, amphibious – or some odd combo of all. So I am taking your basic Ali Babba (or Alladin, if you prefer) story backdrop and trying to make it fit into the exotica that is Tal. Can we say “glutton for punishment”? I knew that you could!

When J was doing the GM bit for us he always signed his notes to the players as “Thy Vile GM”. Michael has dubbed me the “Divine GM”. Of course, he is already threatening to take the title away. Sheesh! Eighteen hundred scorpions sure puts a dent in someone’s humor.

*****More Gnus From The Writing Front****

J and I have been batting around the idea of publishing – or rather, trying to publish – the stories of the games he has run/been in for the past twelve years. The characters are all very well developed and not simple PC munchkins. But, the whole idea of trying to go through TSR/Wizards of the Coast and get this done gives me the shivering dreads. Further, we have built whole new dimensions, with new worlds, peoples, flora and fauna. I for one, don’t want to simply hand that off.
Web publishing has been suggested. **shrug** I don’t know. It certainly has to be a modicum easier than trying to get a big name company to allow us to use their settings – or for me to completely write anew all the different worlds, etc. that this game has been set in.
I guess its all just fear again. If I have the excuse of a huge corporation red-taping us into a corner then I don’t actually have to let random strangers read my work. Despite appearances to the contrary, I am actually a fairly introverted/shy person. (‘a delicate flow-wah!’)
I’ve considered putting some of the story here in LJ. I could get random opinions – and its for free. I’m still debating though.


12 thoughts on “Divine vs Vile

  1. Congrats on getting your Talislanta campaign underway. I’m nearly done reading through the big blue 4th edition and I can appreciate the work it must take converting a campaign to such a diverse and in-depth setting. I’m going to prepare a simple spreadsheet of racial descriptions just to keep all the skin colors, etc. straight!
    Thanks for the swarming scorpion idea 🙂

    1. You can do it in Excel; I sure did.

      Character Name Tal Version
      class archetype
      description Green, for gods sakes!

      and on and on…

      and you are welcome. Those were Rajanistan scorpions, at about an foot long apiece. The book doesn’t say – so here’s what I used ; they are roughly 3-4 HP and move at about +4. The rest can be found in the BBB (big blue book).

      Have fun!

  2. I’ll never forget the first time I played in a Talislanta campaign:

    GM: “You suddenly notice something peering down from the trees at you.”
    Me: “What does it look like?”
    GM: “A cross between an iguana and a Great Dane.”
    Other PC: “Grosban, get down!”
    Me: “Huh?”
    (GM rolls dice, mutters “Ewwwww…”)
    GM: “Grosban, I regret to inform you that your head no longer exists. ”
    Me: “HUH? Where’d it go?”
    GM: “It’s now pooling around your feet.”

    Glad to hear everything went okay–I told you it would! 😉

    What sorts of things would you need to go through WoC for?

    Have fun with the date! 🙂

    1. Thanks.

      The game was played in at least a part of their intellectual creation, i.e., the magic system, the concept of spell-jamming, the dimensions that we did visit that they did own Wholly ™.

      See my second post (titled “Update du jour”).

      1. s’ok.
        And thanks for the hug.

        But that doesn’t answer my original question. To web-publish or no? I am leaning strongly towards that but, am unclear on the legal ramifications.

  3. My players refer to me as the “Evile GM Gawd”

    It’s kinda nice to be feared! >=o)

    Sock came up with some characters for my Feng Shui game and already they have become most reviled and feared.

    She created a character named Ginzu Suzie. Just imagine a woman with a jury-rigged powerfist and who combines explosives with cooking, just spells “BAD DATE”.

    The players freak at the mere mention of Bannanas Foster.

    I’ll type up the players exploits in a digest format soon. If I get around to it, that is. =o(

    Have fun with your campaign and your date!

    1. *rawr* Bananas Foster!


      or something like that?

      You’ll notice me *not* saying anything about the long wait between digests. Because its not as if I read it or anything. Nope, nope. Really.

      Thanks for the well wishes – I am gonna have fun with this campaign I think. I can’t get into it too deeply herein (/Bugs Bunny) because there are players who LJ. But, yeah. Evil Laugh (pat.pending)

      1. Re: *rawr* Bananas Foster!

        see, someone could post regular updates if he took the time to make notes as the game progresses….

        and yes he’s gonna hurt me now….and i’ll be forced to not make up any new bad guy for him.


      2. Re: *rawr* Bananas Foster!

        Oh, dear.
        Much the same thing was said to me on Sunday.

        You could always make up a **good** guy. Someone so teeth-achingly sweet and nice. Who likes to *help* all the poor little unfortunates. I’m thinking of something like Dudley Doo-Right meets Elmyra meets a high speed blender.



        And you won’t have to make any more bad guys, the players already hate the ones you already made. =o)


      4. Re: *rawr* Bananas Foster!

        Oh, yes, yes, yes!

        The sticky kind that adheres to you and ticks away until it blows up real good. It’s funny having someone mention the “real” tasty treat and the rest of the group, from another time zone and have only one experience with the evil twin of said tasty treat, freak out.

        It’s also really bad when Suzie makes a song about one of the players being a eunuch. Oscar Meyer, eat your heart out…

        My eunuch has a first name,

        It’s G-A-O.

        My eunuch has a second name,

        It’s L-I-A-N.

        Oh, I love to BEAT him everyday.

        And if you ask me why, I’ll say.

        Because Ginsu Suzie has some fun with G-A-O L-I-A-N!

        Needless to say, that particular player goto mondo displeased.

        I love my job…

        Oh, part one is up! Tiny, and small, but more will be added!

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